Download PDF: [S] The Mujahideen who spent his night in Ibadah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Hammaad bin Jafer bin Zaid – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that his father mentioned to him the following incident. He narrates:


Once, the Muslim army travelled to Kabul for Jihad. Among us, there was also Hadrat Sayyiduna Sillah bin Asheem – may Allah be pleased with him. During the night, when the army had established their camp, I made the intention that tonight I will carefully inspect the behaviour of Hadrat Sayyiduna Sillah bin Asheem – may Allah be pleased with him – and see how he spends his night in Ibadah. The reason is that his immense Ibadah was quite famous among the people. I noticed that he read his Salaah and went to sleep. When everyone else had gone to sleep, he awoke and went towards the outskirts of the camp towards a jungle. I slowly followed him. He then performed the Wudu and started his Ibadah.


Suddenly, I saw a furious looking lion approaching him. When I saw this, I jumped up the nearest tree. However, such was the greatness of this person that he was not disturbed in the least bit and continued his Salaah.


When he went into Sajdah, I was convinced that now the lion would attack him. However, the lion merely sat on the ground without moving.


After he had completed his Salaah, he turned to the lion and said to it to search for its sustenance somewhere else. Without making a sound, the lion slowly turned away and left. The great Saint continued his Salaah until the morning just before the Fajr Salaah. At that time, he made Du’a in such a beautiful manner which I had never heard before. His Du’a was, “O Allah! I plead to You to please save me from the Fire of hell. Where am I that I can ask You for Jannah.”


He then returned to the camp and looked so fresh and fit that no one was aware that he had spent the entire night in Ibadah. The next day, he fought so bravely that finally the enemy agreed to pay the Jizyah to the Muslims.”


It is mentioned that in this battle, two eminent Saints took part, one was Hadrat Sayyiduna Sillah bin Asheem – may Allah be pleased with him – and the other was Hadrat Sayyiduna Hishaam bin Aamir – may Allah be pleased with him. Wherever both Saints appeared, bodies were strewn all over the place. Finally, the commander of the enemy mentioned that if this was the state of only two Arabs, what would be their state if all the Arabs attacked them. Hence, they requested for peace.


These were the real Arabs of yesteryear. Unlike the people who live in Arabia in the present day and claim to be Arabs. Recently, there was a report that one of the ministers of the heretic regime which controls Arabia was given a special award by the CIA for his “meritorious work” in the field of spying or espionage! These are those enemies of Islam who even the Kuffaar admit are worthy a reward.