Download PDF: [S] Self-proclaimed to be Just

It is reported that Hadrat Moulana Shaikh Shahaabudeen  bin Moulana Fakhrudeen Zaahidi was called “Haq Ghohi”. In other words, someone who always spoke the truth. The background to him getting this title is as follows.


One day the Sultan of Dehli, Mohamed bin Tughlaq, who was also a very cruel ruler decided that from that day everyone should call him “Muhammad Aadil”. In another words, he began to self-proclaim himself as someone who was very just. He called this same Moulana to his court and ordered him that from that day he should address him as “Muhammad Aadil”.


When the Moulana heard this, he angrily replied, “I will never call an oppressive person like you an Aadil (or a person with justice).”


When the Sultan heard this, he became extremely angry and ordered that this scholar be thrown over the wall of the palace. In this way, for standing up for the truth, he was martyred. As a matter of fact, after he had passed away, people started to call this Islamic scholar, “Shahaabudeen Haq Ghohi”, in other words, the person who spoke the truth. (Al Akhbaarul Akhyaar)