Download PDF: [S] Pride in Knowledge

It is mentioned that there was once a person who began to boast that people could ask him any question under the sun and he would be able to answer them.


At that moment, Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Husain – may Allah be pleased with him – happen to walk past and decided to destroy the pride of this person. He asked the person, “The hair which is in your beard, are they found in pairs or are they singular?”


The person could not answer this question. The people then turned to the great Imam and asked him for an answer. He replied that these hairs are found in pairs. When they asked him to prove this, he replied that in the Qur’an, Allah Almighty declares that everything is found in pairs.


This clearly proves that even if a person has a little knowledge, he should not boast or show off because there is also someone who is more learned and more intelligent above everyone. At the same time, it is mentioned that when a tree is full of fruits, it hangs in humility but a tree which is empty is always standing straight and upright which proves that there is nothing on this tree. (Nuzhatul Majaalis)


The same applies to the ‘Ulama of today. They should always display humility and simpleness.