Download PDF: [S] Du’a of Oppressive King Accepted

It is reported that once during the era of Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – there was a certain King who was considered very oppressive. The people approached Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – and complained to him about this person and asked him to give them justice. Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – then ordered that this King be hanged. He was then hung during the night and people left him alone and returned to their homes. (Bear in mind that in those days, when a person is hung, he did not die immediately).


At that time, this King began to call his false gods for help and assistance. However, none of them were able to help him. He then saw the sun and moon and mentioned to these objects that he used to worship them so that in times of problems, they would be able to help and assist him. However, neither of these two objects was able to help him. He then turned to Allah Almighty and started to call to Allah Almighty by the Divine Names of Allah Almighty. He cried out, “O Allah! I have certainly disobeyed You and I used to worship others besides You. However, I have seen that none of them have come to my aid and assistance. Now I have turned to You. You are indeed the Supreme Truth and You are certainly able to help me. Please help me with Your Divine Mercy.”


Allah Almighty then Declared, “This person had worshipped others for a long time but they did not help him. Now he is asking Me for My Help. Therefore, I have accepted his Du’a. Without doubt, I am able to accept the Du’a of those who are troubled. O Jibra’eel, go to this slave if Mine and allow him to come down from this place in safety and peace.”


The next morning, the people also appeared in front of Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – and asked him to allow them to release this person. Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – allowed them to do so. However, when they went to him, they found that he was already released and was laying safely on the ground. The people then informed Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – about this.


When Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – heard this, he himself went to see this person and found him exactly as the people had described. Nabi Daud – peace be upon him – then recited two rak’ah of Salaah and made Du’a to Allah, “O Allah! Please inform me about the strange sight which I am seeing in front of me.”


Allah Almighty sent Revelation to Nabi Daud – peace be upon him, “O Daud! This slave had displayed his helplessness to Me and I had accepted this. If I was unable to accept his pleas for help and assistance as his former gods did not, what would be the difference between Me and his false gods? That person who turns to Me, I treat him in this manner. O Daud! Present Imaan to this person and he will certainly become firm in Imaan. I am the One Who gives creation strength and shows them the right path.” (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)