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Bakhte Nasr or Banu Khaz Nasr was born about the 561 or 604 before the arrival of Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him. He was the ruler of Baabil or Babel. As Bakhte Nasr continued on his quest to conquer various countries including Egypt, he entered the city of Bethlehem or Baitul Muqaddas. He burnt this city to the ground and banished all the Jews to Babel. (Al Munjid)


Bakhte Nasr travelled from Syria until Baitul Muqaddas. As he was travelling, he continued to massacre the Jews and captured Baitul Muqaddas. He then imprisoned the children of the Bani Israel and among these children was also Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him.


Various historians negate him being a Prophet and describe him as a traveller. As far as the followers of Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him – are concerned, they include him among the ranks of the four famous Prophets. (Al Munjid Al Bidaayah)


It is reported that during the time of the blessed Ashaab, they had actually discovered his blessed grave when they had captured these cities. They also took his body and hid it in another grave so that it does not become a centre for the Mushriks to create all types of falsehood.


In fact, Bakhte Nasr was informed earlier on by his magicians and astronomers that there will be a child born whose name is “Ya’ur” and he will destroy the kingdom of Bakhte Nasr. Bakhte Nasr informed his soldiers to kill all the children born on a certain night. In this way, the little baby was placed in a cage which was filled with lions. The idea was that this small infant would be eaten by these lions. However, the complete opposite occurred and these lions began to lick the small child instead of killing him. When the mother of Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him – came and saw these lions had done no harm to her son, she took him away from this place. In this manner, Allah Almighty protected and saved Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him.


Ibn Abid Dunya reports that certain people have said that Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him – had actually recorded his picture and the behaviour of these lions on his ring so that he could always remember the great favour of Allah Almighty on him. (Al Bidaayah; Tafseer ibn Katheer)


Another report is about a person who appeared many years after Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – had left the world. This person was a Prophet as well. His name was Danyaal. His nation had also refused to believe in him and the king of the time had him captured and placed in a cave in which there were lions. When Allah Almighty had tested him and had found that this person had placed all his trust on Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty in His Divine Mercy turned away the lions from this person.


Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him – also sat on the back of the lion and they continued to be obedient to him. It is mentioned that among the four famous Prophets among the Bani Israeel, there is also someone whose is Armiya. Prior to the destruction of the Bani Israeel, he had also announced his Prophethood. He also displayed patience and forbearance at the hands of the then king or ruler. It was said that he was also sent to save Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him – from this oppression and whoever wanted to destroy him, he was commanded to destroy them.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Abi Hazeel – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that, “Bakhte Nasr had starved two lions and placed them in a cave. He then brought Danyaal and threw him into this cave. However, through the Divine Mercy of Allah Almighty, none of these lions caused him any harm. Although they were extremely hungry and could have torn him to pieces, but they did nothing to him and he stayed with them as much as Allah Almighty wanted.


At the same time, Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him – was also in need of food and Allah Almighty sent a message to Armiya to take food to him. Bear in mind that Armiya was many miles away in Syria. Armiya then said to Allah Almighty that he is in Syria and Danyaal is in the city of Babel which is in Iraq and since this is so far away, how would he able to reach that place. However, Allah Almighty commanded him to do as he was commanded and that a means of reaching Danyaal would be created by Allah Almighty. A special means of transport was then created for Armiya and he reached the cave where Danyaal was imprisoned.


The following conversation took place.


Danyaal: Who is this one?


Armiya: It is me, Nabi Armiya.


Danyaal: Why have you come?


Armiya: Allah Almighty has commanded me to visit you.


Danyaal: Has Allah Almighty mentioned me by name?


Armiya: Yes.


When he heard this, Nabi Danyaal – peace be upon him – praised Allah Almighty in this manner: “Praise be to Allah Almighty, Who does not forget those who Remember Him. Praise to be that Allah Almighty, Who if anyone has hope in Him, He does not leave them without hope. Praise be to that Allah Almighty, Who if anyone trust in He is sufficient for them. Praise be to that Allah Almighty, Who if anyone has faith in Him, then He does not leave them stranded and allow them to have faith in another. Praise be to that Allah Almighty, Who repays goodness with goodness and repays evil with forgiveness. Praise be to that Allah Almighty, Who graces salvation through patience. Praise be to that Diving Being, Who gives us ease after troubles. Praise be to that Divine Being, Who is even with us at those times when evil thoughts and doubts overtake us through our evil deeds. Praise be that Divine Being, Who is the Centre of our hopes and when all our private plans and private means fail.” (Al Bidaayah wan Nihaayah)