Download PDF: [S] Convey Thawaab through Feeding

It is reported that once there was a person who lived in Samarkhand and he became very ill. He then took an oath that if Allah Almighty blessed him with good health, he would dedicate all of his deeds on a Friday to his deceased parents.


He lived for many years after this and continued to keep his promise. One Friday, he walked along but could not find anything to give as Sadqah.


He then approached a certain Islamic scholar and asked him for direction. The Islamic scholar informed him that when he leaves the house, he should find left over peels of a watermelon. These should then be washed and when people come from out of town, these peels should be placed in front of their donkeys. After this, he should convey the Thawaab to his deceased parents. In this manner, he would also fulfil his vow.


When he did this, he saw his parents in a dream and he greeted them. They informed him, “O our son! Whatever good deeds you have committed on our behalf, we have received all of this. This has continued until you even allowed us to eat a watermelon. In fact, we had wanted to eat a melon for a long time. May Allah be pleased with you.”


It is mentioned that once the ruler of Khurasaan saw his father in a dream who mentioned to his son that when he eats meat, he should also feed them as well. He then explained that this was possible that when he completed eating the meat, he should place the bones in front of a dog and convey the Thawaab of this action to them.


This is the reason that it is mentioned that one should make a Khatam Shareef every Thursday because the Marhumeen come to the house of their families to see what reward has been conveyed to them. (Al Qalyubi)