Download PDF: [S] Tughlug Taymur Accepts Islam

At first, the Tartars were people who had murdered thousands of Muslims and had destroyed many cities under Muslim control. However, it was through the sole effort of one person, namely Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him, that this entire nation accepted Islam.


It is mentioned that the reason that Sultan Kaashghar or commonly known as “Tughluq Taymur Khan” accepted Islam was through the single effort of one individual.


It is reported that once Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – came to a place called Kaashghar and he made Tughluq Taymur a Muslim. The story goes that once Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – and one of his companions were travelling in the vicinity of the area which was under the control of Taymur. This place was also his dedicated hunting ground. When they entered this area, it was obviously considered as trespassing. The Sultan then called them to his court and in a fit of anger he asked them, “Why did you enter our country without permission?”


Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, “We are strangers in this land and we had no knowledge that we were walking in an area where we were prohibited from walking in.”


When the Sultan came to know that these people were from Iran, he then mentioned that these Iranians were worse than dogs.


When Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – heard this statement, he said, “This is the truth, if the religion of truth was not with us, we would certainly be worse than dogs.”


When the Sultan heard this reply, he mentioned that these people should be kept in the palace and be presented to him when he returns.


When the Sultan returned, he took Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – to one private area and asked him to explain his words about the religion of truth. When he heard this question, Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – gave such a resounding speech about Islam that it left the Sultan speechless.


The heart of Tughluq Taymur was hard as rock at the beginning, but it became extremely soft and welcoming. When the Shaikh explained the evil of Kufr and idol worship and dire consequences of this, the Sultan realized his mistake. However, the Sultan informed him, “If I accept Islam at this moment, it would be difficult to convince the nation. Therefore, let us keep this quite for a little time and when I gain full control over the country and its people, at that time, you may return to see me.”


It is mentioned that the Chagtaayah Dynasty was broken into small areas due to internal strife and only later on Tughluq Taymur gained enough power to entrench all of these areas into one single nation.


During this time, Shaikh Jamaaludeen – may Allah be pleased with him – had returned to his country and also became very ill. When it came close to leaving this world, he called his son, Rasheedudeen, and said to him, “One day Tughluq Taymur will become a mighty ruler. At that time, you must approach him and convey my Salaam to him. You must also remind him without any fear about his promise which he had given me”.


A few years, Tughluq Taymar gained control of his father’s kingdom and Rasheedudeen decided to visit the army of this ruler so that he could meet the ruler and make him aware of the promise which he had given to his father about accepting Islam.


However, no matter how much he tried, he was not admitted into the court of the Khan. Finally, one morning he decided to give Adhan outside the tent of the Sultan. When the sleep of the Sultan broke, he became extremely angry. He then asked for this person to be brought to him. When Rasheedudeen appeared in front of the Sultan, he reminded the Sultan of the promise he had made to his father. In fact, the Sultan always remembered the promise he had made and he did not hesitate to read the Kalimah and accept Islam. He then started to propagate Islam among his subjects and very soon, all the subjects of the Sultan accepted Islam.


This was how the kingdom which once belonged to Chengiz Khan came under the rule of Islam.