Download PDF: [S] Truth Breeds Success

There is a famous proverb in Arabic, “Truth breeds success and safety while lies brings destruction.”


It is mentioned that once Hujjaj bin Yusuf was sitting in his court and was delivering a verdict that the friends of Abdur Rahman bin Ash’ash should be killed.


One of these people stood up and said, “There is a right which you owe to me.”


Hujjaj asked what this was and the person replied, “One day Abdur Rahman was insulting you and I defended you.”


Hujjaj then asked him to present his evidence. The person then asked everyone who was present to please present their testimony who was present on this occasion. One of the prisoners mentioned that he was present when this had occurred. Hujjaj then ordered that the first prisoner should be released.

He then asked the person who had given testimony, “What had stopped you from coming forward in this regard?”


The person mentioned that he harboured an old grudge therefore he had delayed. When Hujjaj heard this, he also ordered that this person be freed as well because he had presented his evidence in a very brave fashion. (Uyunul Akhyaar)