Download PDF: [S] Unusual Animal believed in Khulafa Rashideen

Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad bin Idris Shafi – May Allah be pleased with him – narrates, “I once saw a Christian making Tawaaf of the Ka’ba. His name was Asqaf. I then asked him what had turned him away from the religion of his ancestors and he replied, ‘I have adopted the path of that which is better, (Islam).’


“He then started to reveal the actual reason. He explained, ‘I was once travelling on a sea voyage and after a little, the boat broke into pieces. I then grabbed a piece of timber and held on to this timber until I reached a strange island. There were also many trees on this island whose fruits were sweeter than honey and they were even softer than butter. There was also a small stream which had extremely clean water flowing in it. I also gave thanks to the Allah Almighty and made the intention that I would remain on this island eating these good things until I do not find a way out of this place.


“When night appeared, I climbed up one of the trees so that I could be safe from any wild animals. After a few minutes, I heard the sound of a strange animal which was reading a Tasbeeh in the following words, “there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is His chosen Prophet. Abu Bakr is his companion in the cave. ‘Umar is the conqueror of many cities. ‘Uthman is someone who was martyred in his own home and Ali is the sword of Allah upon the disbelievers. The curse of Allah is upon those who are his enemies and their ultimate abode is the Fire of Hell and certainly this is an evil abode.’


This animal continued to recite these words. In the morning, the same animal also began to utter the words, “There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah Whose Promise and Word is certainly true. Muhamnmad is the Prophet of Allah who gives guidance and salvation. Abu Bakr was given the true path of guidance. ‘Umar is extremely severe upon the disbelievers. ‘Uthman is noble and a martyr and Ali bin Abi Talibi is extremely powerful and strong. Those who despise him, upon these people is the Divine Curse of the Allah Almighty.


“When this animal appeared on the sand, I noticed a very strange looking animal. Its head was like an ostrich. Its face was like a human. Its feet was like that of a camel. Its tail was like that a fish. When I saw this animal, I felt sure that I would be killed. I then began to run. However, this animal shouted, ‘Stop and do not destroy yourself unnecessarily.’


“After I had stopped, it asked me my religion and I mentioned that I was a Christian. When it heard this answer, it replied, ‘O that person who will ultimately destroy himself, there is certainly destruction which awaits you. Accept the religion of Islam. You have arrived among the Jinns who are believers. No one can save himself from this except one who is a believer.’


“I asked this animal how I should accept Islam and it replied, ‘It is to bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’


“I then recited these words and became a Muslim. It then said to me, ‘Your Imaan will also become complete when you accept the Rightly-Guided Khulafah.’


“I then asked it how it had come to know about this and it replied, ‘There was a group from among us that once visited the Holy Prophet – May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and this group heard the words of the Holy Prophet – May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – which were, ‘When the Day of Judgement arrives, then Jannah will be brought forward. Jannah will then say, ‘O Allah, You had promised that my corners would be secured’. Allah Almighty will reply, ‘I have secured your (four) corners with the four Khulafah and have beautified you with Hasan and Husain.’


“The animal asked me whether I wished to live here or return to my family. I mentioned that I wished to return to my family. It then told me that I should stand at this place because very soon there will be a boat which will be passing this area. The animal then dived into the sea and disappeared.


“Suddenly a boat passed by in which there were a few people. After I waved at them, they picked me up. On the boat there were twelve Christians. When I revealed my story to them, all of them accepted Islam. I then realised that these people had been sent here through some Divine Wisdom and because of this, all us had been blessed with the Nur of Islam.” (Ar Roudul Faa’iq)