Download PDF: [S] The Status of the Awliya

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abul Abbas Khidir – peace be upon him – narrates that once someone asked him from among the Abdaal whether he had met such a Saint who was far superior to him in status and whom he himself did not recognize. He replied that indeed he had met such people. He narrates, “Once I presented myself in the Masjidun Nabawi and at the time, Shaikh Abdur Razak Muhaddith – may Allah be pleased with him – was delivering his lesson. There were many people in this congregation who were listening to the words of the Hadith Shareef. However, in one corner of the Masjid, there was a young man who was sitting completely separate from the rest of the people. I then approached the young man and asked him why he was also not listening to the lesson and he replied, ‘People are sitting there listening to the words of Abdur Razak and I am sitting here listening to Razak himself.’


“I then said to him that if he was true in what he was saying, he should reveal to me who I was. Without hesitation, he said to me that I was Khidr. At that moment, I came to realise that there were such Awliyah whose actual status and position was so lofty and mighty that even I was unaware of.’”