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It is reported that the famous students of Imam A’zam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him, namely Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Mohammed – may Allah be pleased with them – had a very famous student whose name was Mu’alla bin Mansur Razi – may Allah be pleased with him. This student was considered a symbol of honesty, dedication and piety. Such was his piety that once while reading Salaah, a hornets nest fell on his head. Obviously, these insects were very angry and continued to sting him but he continued his Salaah in deep concentration. After the Salaah, they found that this head had swelled up with the amount of stings he had received. He was actually born in the city of Rai but decided to settle in Baghdad Shareef. He also passed away in Baghdad Shareef in 211 A.H. (Tahzeeb Al Tahzeeb)


The famous Muhaditth, Ahmed bin Ishaq mentions that he had never seen someone read Salaah with such concentration and intensity as the famous Haafizul Hadith, Shaikh Mohammed bin Nasr Maruzi – may Allah be pleased with him. Once during his Salaah, a hornet sat on his forehead and continued to sting him with such intensity that his forehead began to bleed. Yet, he continued to perform his Salaah without displaying any pain or displeasure. He passed away in 294 A.H.


Another famous Muhaddith was Shaikh Mansur bin Mu’tamir Kufi – may Allah be pleased with him. In fact such was his status that eminent scholars and Jurist of their day such as Imam Ahmed bin Hambal, Imam Abdur Rahman bin Mehdi and Imam Ali Mudaini – may Allah be pleased with them – used to admit that he was one of the most authentic Muhaddith of his era. Pertaining to the condition of how this Saint used to read his Salaah, Hadrat Sufyan Thouri – may Allah be pleased with him – used to say, “If you had seen the manner in which Mansur bin Mu’tamir read Salaah, you would think that this was his last and final Salaah. His beard was against his chest and he was in absolute deep concentration. He used to spend the entire night in Salaah. In fact, it is mentioned that when he passed away, a little girl that lived next door mentioned to her father, ‘The pillar that used to be on the roof of our neighbours house, when it fell?’”


The reason she said this was because he never used to climb on the roof but only did this during the night. Due to the heat, this little girl used to also sleep on the roof. However, such was the deep concentration of this great Shaikh in Salaah that she actually mistook him for being a pillar. It is also mentioned that in-spite of staying awake the entire night, in the morning he attended to his classes to teach by applying Surmah in his eyes and oil in his hair and beard looking as fresh as possible so that his students would not recognize that he had spent the entire night in Ibadah. (Tabqaat Imam She’rani)


In the Hadith Shareef we read that we should perform our Salaah in such a manner as if we are seeing Allah Almighty and if this is not possible, then we should remember that He is seeing us. These great Mashaa’ikh were a symbol of this Hadith Shareef.


Even people who saw them read Salaah could not believe what they were seeing. However, it is sad to see that people, in general, when they read Salaah or make any other Ibadah, they do not display the same dedication and sincerity as the great Awliyah. We will find that people find any excuse to play with their fingers, their clothing, etc. It is as if they are finding it extremely difficult to understand and realize in whose Divine Court they are standing. Remember that Salaah is something which has transformed nations. Therefore, if you perform it properly, you can imagine the result and effect it would have on you. Muslims should certainly ponder on this advice.