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Hadrat Sayyiduna Mohammed bin Fuzail – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


I once saw a young man who was laying on the ground and he was weeping a lot. I said to a friend of mine that we should approach this young man. However, my friend replied, “This person is not sick. He has internal love and outwardly he appears as a majnun or an insane person. His heart in immersed in the Love for Allah Almighty and he was well known as Ubaid majnun.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Mohammed bin Fuzail – may Allah be pleased with him – continues:


We then went nearer to this young man and we noticed that his body was extremely weak and frail. He was also covered in a woollen shawl and he was saying, “Strange indeed is that person who tasted the sweetness of Your love, how can be he be distanced from Your Court.”

He continued to say these words, until he lost consciousness.


I said to my friend, “An insane person is certainly not that person who arrives at this state.”


When the young regained consciousness, he asked us, “Why are you people looking at me?”


We replied, “Perhaps, you are in need of medication which can cure your ailment.”


He said, “That Divine Being Who has afflicted me with this ailment, the medication is also with Him. However, whoever wishes to cure this ailment becomes even more afflicted.”


I then asked, “What is its medication?”


He replied, “The medication for this ailment is to refrain from all that which is Haraam, to refrain from sinning, to make Muraaqibah, to perform the Tahajjud at night when people are sleeping.”


After saying this, he wept even more and we also wept with him.


We then said to him, “We are your guest, please make Du’a for us.”


He then remarked that he was also not an inhabitant of this area. However, we insisted that he makes Du’a for us. He then made Du’a, “May Allah Almighty accept your good deeds and mine as well. May He also welcome us as people who have been pardoned. May He make your final destination the gardens of Jannah and may He make our hearts always remember death.”


We then left him. There is no doubt that his Du’a was accepted and through his spiritual advice, our hearts were also revitalized. (Ar Roaud Al Faa’iq)


This is someone who was considered as an insane person at that time. What should be your condition when you are considered as someone who has intelligence and common sense? Your Creator is calling you, but you give Him no answer. He warns you to make Taubah, but you make no Taubah. He wants you to be present in His Divine Court all the time, but you insist on remaining absent. How long will you continue to waste your life even though you have achieve nothing from this world? How long will you continue to give excuses? You should make haste to seek pardon for your sins. Allah Almighty is indeed near to you and you should continue to seek HIs Divine Guidance. During times of need and poverty turn to His Divine Court, indeed, He will never turn you away. Seek His closeness with good deeds. If you continue to act like this, then there is great possibility that very soon He will choose you as His special servant. Allah Almighty states in Surah Shurah, verse 13:


اَللہُ یَجْتَبِیۡۤ اِلَیۡہِ مَنۡ یَّشَآءُ وَ یَہۡدِیۡۤ اِلَیۡہِ مَنۡ یُّنِیۡبُ ﴿۱۳﴾ؕ


“Allah chooses for His proximity whomever He wills, and guides towards Himself whoever inclines (towards Him).”


Certainly when one looks at the advice of the great Awliyah, there is no doubt that in a few words, they can encompass an entire ocean of knowledge and guidance. Here is someone giving advice even though ordinary people may think nothing of him or may give him no states whatsoever.


How many times we have read that there will come people in this Ummah who will appear with disheveled hair an old and worn out clothes, but when they swear in Divine Court of Allah, their calls and pleas are answered immediately and without delay. Those who have power and might may suddenly see that their state and condition changing and they may not realise what has happened.


But when they think carefully, they will see that they have perhaps insulted someone who is very close to Allah Almighty. But it will be too late, the punishment in this world has just started and what is to come in the Hereafter, which still awaits them.


Therefore when it comes to the Awliyah and those close to Allah Almighty one should be extremely careful and cautious. Yes, Allah Almighty may pardon you if you break His laws and go against the rights you owe to Him, but He will never pardon you when you go against His close servants. One of the reasons is that because they seem to have no one to defend them, hence when the punishment of Allah Almighty comes on you, it comes with extreme might and power.


In one Hadith Shareef, it is mentioned that Allah Almighty has clearly stated that those who insult and harm His special friends, He declares war on them. When Allah Almighty declares war on you, you will never escape from this either in this world or in the next. This is also one of the reasons that the ‘Ulama have given such stern warning against insulting or ridiculing a special servant of Allah Almighty.