Download PDF: [S] The Saint who feared not the Khalifah

It is mentioned that once Hishaam bin Abdul Malik arrived in Mecca Shareef for Hajj. One day, he asked the people in Mecca Shareef, “If there are any Ashaab present, I would like to meet them.”


The people informed him that all the Ashaab had passed away. (This is how learned he was in Islam that he did not even know something like this).


He then mentioned that if that was the case, he would like to meet a Taaba’een.


At that moment, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ta’us bin Kaysaan Yamaani – may Allah be pleased with him – happened to be in Mecca Shareef. The people then brought him in front of the Khalifah. When this eminent Saint came in front of the Khalifah, he removed his shoes on the expensive carpet and walked towards where the Khalifah was sitting. He then greeted the Khalifah as you would greet any ordinary person and went and sat right next to the Khalifah.


Obviously, the people around the court could see the immense anger on the face of the Khalifah. At that time, it was a standard practise among ordinary people to address the Khalifah with the title of “Ameerul Mo’mineen.” However, the great Saint merely asked, “How are you Hishaam?”


By now, the Khalifah was fuming. He then asked the SAINT, “O Ta’us, How come you were so brave to do the things which you have done?”


The great Saint then asked what wrong he had done. This enraged the Khalifah even more.


The Khalifah replied, “The first is that you placed your shoes on the carpet and then removed them. The second is that you did not address me with the title of ‘Ameerul Mo’mineen’. Instead of addressing me with my title, you called me by my first name. Finally, you simply asked, ‘Hishaam how are you?’ Is this the manner which a leader is treated and that too, you come and sit next to me without even my permission?”


The great Saint admitted, “Yes, when I entered, I removed my shoes on your carpet. But listen, every day I remove my shoes five times a day for Allah Almighty, He never gets angry with me.


“You claim that I did not address you as ‘Ameerul Mo’mineen’. You should understand that not everyone has agreed that you are the rightful leader of the Muslims. Therefore, not all the Muslims accept you as ‘Ameerul Mo’mineen’. Therefore, if I addressed you in that manner, there would have been the possibility that I would be speaking a like. That is the reason that I did not address you with this title.


“You complain that I did not address you with your title and why did I address you with your name. My answer to this is that even Allah Almighty has addressed his special servants, the Prophet, by their first name in the Qur’an. When you open the Qur’an, you will words like ‘O Moosa’, ‘O Yahya’, ‘O Daud’, etc. and when he addressed some of His worst enemies, He addressed them by their titles such as ‘Abi Lahab’. This is found in the Qur’an.


“As for your accusation that I came and sat next to you without your permission, then listen, I heard Ameerul Mo’mineen, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali – may Allah be pleased with him, once mention that, ‘If you wish to see a person from Hell then you should see that person who is sitting while others around him are standing with respect and reverence.’ Therefore, I decided to sit instead of stand.”

Obviously, by now Hishaam was completely lost for words and could not say anything. All he could do was seek some advice from the great Saint.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Ta’us – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, “I have heard from Hadrat Sayyiduna Ameerul Mo’mineen, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali – may Allah be pleased with him, that in Hell, there will be long serpents like the length of a mountain and there will be scorpions the size of donkeys who will bite and sting those leaders who do not do justice to their subjects”. (Waafiyaat Al Ayaan)


Hadrat Sayyiduna Ta’us – may Allah be pleased with him – passed away in 106 A.H.


These were those blessed Muslims who did not fear anyone except Allah Almighty. We have seen that some of them gave their lives but did not compromise on the truth. We have seen that story of the tyrant of Hujjaj bin Yusuf and how many key Awliya and eminent scholars he had murdered in his time. We have also seen the dire punishment which awaits him in Hell.


However, nowhere in Islamic history has it ever been seen that these true leaders of Islam ever stayed away from the truth. This is completely unlike the present day when merely for the sake of a “few bucks” will try to deceive the Muslims by giving them all types of fancy stories of why they attended the gathering of the misled. The amount of excuses that they present clearly tells us that their ardent hope is for people to believe them and not for Allah Almighty. Hence, they go out of their way to convince the ordinary masses that their wrong doing was actually right. By virtue of the fact that they try so hard to convince the masses clearly proves that they themselves are not convinced. They should learn lessons from the great Awliya and ‘Ulama who never compromised on the truth.