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Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibli – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that once, while on a mountain, he  heard the pious saint Aabidah Rayhaanah – may Allah be pleased with her –  recite the following words, “O Allah! You have allowed me entrance into Your Divine Court yet I have become lost in Your Divine Manifestation.”


He then narrates:


I then looked left and right and then managed to find her. After finding her, I made Salaam and said, “O Rayhaanah!”


She replied, “O Shibli! I am present.”


I asked her who she was searching for and she replied, “I am searching for Rayhaanah”.

I then asked her, “But are you not Rayhaanah?”


She replied that is what I have been told but that since she became lost in the Divine Manifestation of Allah Almighty, she had become oblivious of her own existence. She continued, “I am unaware of where I am and yet, you are asking about a traveller. However, I have been unable to find someone who is able to point out to me who I am.”


I then said to her that the signs of true Wilaayat had become apparent in her.


She replied, “O Shibli! I have asked my inner being about my identity, but found no help. I have asked my senses, but found that it was also immersed in Divine Love. I asked my intelligence, but it also referred me to my senses. I then asked my inner secret being and even it said that it did not know. I then asked my heart, but even it did not allow me to reach my destination. When I asked my soul, it replied, ‘I do not have permission to reveal this and neither am I allowed to reveal this.’ O Shibli! I had asked all living things to point me to my self, and guide me towards my own self, but no one could understand my words.”


She then said, “O Shibli! If you know my destination, then take me towards my destination”.


I replied that her destination was towards Allah Almighty Who is the Most Merciful, Most Beneficent. When she heard these words, she took a deep breath and passed away.


When I looked closely, I noticed that her soul had left her body. I then made her rest on one rocky platform and went to see whether I could find someone to help and assist in her burial. I could not find anyone. When I returned to the spot where her body was, I noticed that she had disappeared and I had no idea where she had disappeared to. Yes, I did see a Nur emanating from that spot. I said that if only I could understand where this Saint had gone to. Suddenly, I heard a Voice say to me, “O Shibli! Whenever we take one of our own from this world, then even after death, we hide them from the sight of people.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Shibli – may Allah be pleased with him – says, “During the same night I saw her in a dream and asked her how Allah Almighty had treated her and she replied, ‘O young man! Imprisonment has ceased and I have reached my objective. My mission has become complete and if you desire the same respect, then you should also welcome death as I welcomed it’”. (Ar Rouad Al Faa’iq)