Download PDF: [S] The Scholars spoke against the Rulers

Hujjaj bin Yusuf Saqafi was that oppressive and cruel Governor in the Bani Umayyah Dynasty about whom is said to have ordered the deaths of nearly a hundred thousand people. As for those people who were killed by him personally, there is no count.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Umar bin Abdul Aziz – may Allah be pleased with him – used to say that, “If all the Ummah (previous and present) had to bring forward all of their Munaafiqs and we only brought forward Hujjaj, our scale would certainly be mightier.”


One day, the emissary of his same Yusuf bin Hujjaj entered the classroom of Hadrat Sayyduna Hasan Basri – may Allah be pleased with him – where the Science of Hadith was being taught. This person then asked the great Saint, “Are you indicating towards Hujjaj when you stand on the Mimbar and say that before nifaaq or hypocrisy was something which was hidden in a veil and behind a pardah but today, it is displayed through someone who wears a turban and swings a sword?”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Hasan Basri – may Allah be pleased with him – bravely replied, “Yes, without doubt, this is what I say in front of people.”


The person asked, “What is the reason to utter such words. Are you not aware that these types of words are considered a great insult to Hujjaj?”


However, the great Saint declared, “The only reason I say these words is because Allah Almighty had taking an oath with the ‘Ulama never to hide the truth and that we should openly reveal the truth”.


When this representative of Hujjaj heard these brave words, he remained silent and could not utter a word. He silently left this gathering.


This is the real quality of the ‘Ulama in that in all circumstances they are not prepared to hide the real message of Islam. It is sad to say that most so-called ‘Ulama of the present day, do not understand their responsibility. They sit and eat with any loser in religion and even consider it a great honour. However, as we have said, when the Day of Judgement arrives, the true ‘Ulama will be revealed from those who were false.