Download PDF: [S] The Saint made him Blind

It is mentioned that once in Madina Shareef there were a few people sitting together discussing the amazing qualities and characteristics of the Awliyah. There was also a blind person who was sitting among them and listening to all of this. He then revealed his story. He narrates, “One day, I went in the direction of Jannatul Baqi to pick up some wood. I noticed a young man who was sitting alone and was wearing what looked like expensive clothes. He also had his shoes in his hands. I then thought that perhaps this young man was insane by wearing good clothes and walking with his shoes in his hand. I decided to steal his clothes. I ordered him to remove his clothing. However, he replied, ‘Please leave this place under the Divine Protection of Allah.’ However, I made it clear that I was here to steal his clothes and he had to remove his clothing. He again asked me whether I was certain in my threat and I replied that I was indeed certain. He then pointed his fingers at my eyes, and I immediately lost my vision. I began to scream and shout and asked him his name and he replied that his name was Ebrahim Khawwaas.” (In other words, the person did not realise that he was interfering with one of the greatest Saints of his era.)