Download PDF: [S] The Salaah of the Saint saved her son

It is reported that once a lady came in front of a Saint and told him, “The police had imprisoned my son and I request you to please send a request to the police station so that they can release my son. I am also extremely afraid that they might abuse my son while he is in prison.”


When the Saint heard this request, he immediately stood up and started to read Salaah. The Salaah was so lengthy that this lady became even more concerned for her son. When he had completed his Salaah, the lady said to him, “I have presented a request for help from you and instead of helping me, you are busy in Salaah?”


The Saint replied that he was actually busy helping her without her knowing. He also informed her that during the Salaah, he had pleaded to Allah Almighty so that her son could be released. This was his greatest help.


Even before this Saint could arise from his musallah, another lady suddenly appeared and informed the lady that her son had been released. When she heard this news, she was overjoyed and when she reached her home she found that her son was waiting for her. There is no doubt that when sincere Salaah is read, immense help is given to a person.