Download PDF: [S] The Saint and the Rug

It is reported that once a very eminent Saint of his era happen to arrive in Alexandria to meet one of the business people of the area. The businessman went out of his way to entertain this Saint and called him to his personal residence.


When the Saint entered this place he found two carpets or rugs which were brought from Rome. He asked the business man whether he would be prepared to give him both of these rugs as a present. Obviously, since they were extremely valuable and expensive, the business man replied, “Hadrat! If you can ask for anything else besides these, I would be prepared to give you.”


However, the Saint insisted that he wanted both of these rugs. The business man then finally said, “If you are so insistent, then I can only give you one of them.”


The Saint then took one of these rugs and left.


The business man had two sons and both of them had left for the Asian continent on a business trip by boat. Later on, the business man heard the troubling news that one of his sons had died at sea with this entire crew, while his other son was about to arrive in the port of Alexandria. He then went to meet his son. As he approached his son, he was shocked to see that on one of the camels which was carrying the goods of his son, there was the same rug which he had once given to the Saint. He asked his son where he had acquired this rug from and his son explained the following amazing incident.


He said, “There is a very strange story behind this rug. My brother and I continued on our journey towards Hindustan. We travelled as the wind would allow us to travel. Obviously both of us were on our own boats with our own crew. However, when we reached the middle of the ocean there was a severe storm. The boats also began to break apart due to this severe storm and each crew busied themselves trying to repair their boats as much as they could. All of us put our trust on Allah Almighty. Suddenly, a very pious looking person appeared on our boat and he was carrying a rug with him. He then closed the hole which appeared on our boat and because of this, water was not able to enter the boat. We then travelled from one port to the next until we have reached our final destination.”


The business man was obviously shocked when he heard this account and asked his son whether he would able to recognize the Saint if he saw him again. His son replied that indeed he would be able to recognize this Saint. The business man then took his son to the Saint which had first approached him and when his son saw this Saint, he began to weep and screamed that this was indeed the same Saint whom he had seen on their boat. He then fell unconscious.


The Saint then passed his blessed hands over the young man and he once more regained consciousness. The business man then turned to the Saint in immense regret and declared, “”O my master! Why did you not inform me at the beginning of what was going to happen. I would have certainly given you both the rugs.”


The Saint replied, “This was the Divine Intent of Allah Almighty”.


In other words, what was meant to happen was going to happen and no one was going to be able to stop this. (Al Qalyubi)