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It is mentioned that there was once a very poor and destitute person had kept fast on the Day of Ashurah with other members of his family. However, there was nothing for them to make Iftaar with. He decided to go and look for some food. As much as he searched, he found nothing.


He then entered a marketplace which had many jewellery shop so he entered one of these shops. He saw one jeweller who had a cloth on the table. On this cloth, there were many pieces of gold and silver. He approached this person and after making Salaams, he said, “Sir! I am in dire need. If it is possible I would appreciate a single Dinaar on credit so that I can purchase some food for Iftaar for me and my family. On this special day, I will also make a special Du’a for you.” But, the jeweller turned away his head. He did not give anything to the poor person.


Obviously, the poor person was heartbroken and he began to return home. He began weeping as he walked along. However, a Jewish jeweller who was the neighbour of the first jeweller had seen the entire incident. He went up to this poor person and informed him that he had seen him talking to the jeweller and wanted to know what had happened. The poor person replied, “I had asked him a single Dinaar simply with the purpose of buying some food for my family for Iftaar, but he had turned me away. I also told him that I would also make a special Du’a for him on this special day.”


The Jew asked, “What day is today?” The poor person replied that it was the Day of Ashurah and he also explained a few excellences of this day to the Jewish person. When the Jew heard this, he gave him ten Dinaars and told him to accept that as a special gift due to that special day and that he should spend it freely on his family. As the poor person was returning home, he was extremely overjoyed. He made sure that he spent everything on his family.


That night, the Muslim jeweller saw himself in a dream and that it was the Day of Judgement. All that he experienced was thirst and difficulty. Suddenly he saw a huge mansion made from pearls and whose door was studded with valuable rubies. He looked up and asked, “O the owner of this house! Please give me a little water to drink.” He heard a voice reply, “They day before, this mansion belonged to you. But when you broke the heart of that poor person and did not give him anything, then the ownership of this house changed from your name to the name of that Jewish person who was also a jeweller. He helped the poor person and had also given him ten Dinaars.”


The next morning, while being upset, he went to the shop of his Jewish neighbour. He then said to him, “You are my neighbour and therefore I have a certain right on you. I have a very important request to make to you.”


The Jewish person asked him what this request was. He he replied, “Yesterday, you had given a poor person ten Dinaars. Therefore, I am prepared to give you a hundred Dinaars on condition that you give me the reward of that action.”


However, the Jewish person replied, “By Allah! I am not prepared to give you this reward even for a hundred thousand Dinaars. Even if you wish to enter the door of that mansion which you had seen in your dream, I will never allow you to enter that mansion.”


When the Muslim jeweller heard this reply he was extremely surprised him and asked how he had come to know of this secret. He replied, “This secret was revealed to me by that Divine Being Who when He utters the word ‘Be’ then it becomes. I also bear witness that besides Allah azza wajal no one else is worthy of worship, and I also bear testimony that Muhammaf is His Last and Final Messenger.” (I’aanatut Taalibeen, 2/445)