Download PDF: [S] The Reward for Caring for a Guest

Among the pious people, the following report has been mentioned. This person narrates, “It was not my habit to meet females. However, once I heard about a pious female who lived in a certain village and she was very famous for one of her miracles. I then decided to visit her so that I could see this miracle myself. Her miracle was that she had a goat which used to give her both honey and milk when she milked this goat.


“When I arrived in her village, I inquired as to where she lived and I also made sure that I take a bowl with me. When I met her, I informed her that I wanted to see her special goat which gave both honey and milk. I then handed her this bowl.


“She then milked the goat and gave me both honey and milk which I drank. I asked her the reason for this miracle. She revealed, ‘We only had one goat and it was through the milk of this goat that my children were able to survive. There was nothing else which we possessed. When the day of Eidul Adha arrived, I mentioned to my husband that we should slaughter the goat, however, we then realised that because of our poor state, Qurbani was not Waajib upon us. My husband was also someone who was very pious. However, coincidently, on the day of Eid, we received a guest and we had nothing to feed him. I told my husband that even though we were very poor, it is an Islamic duty to look after a guest. At the same time, I also knew that the children were very fond of the goat. Therefore, I told my husband to take the goat somewhere private and have it slaughtered so that the children could not see. He then went behind a wall and slaughtered the goat. However, as the blood of the goat fell on the ground, suddenly I saw another goat jump from behind the wall. I then thought that perhaps the goat had escaped from the hands of my husband and went outside to help. However, when I went outside, I noticed that he was already skinning the goat. I then informed my husband that there was another goat in the yard. He then mentioned that perhaps Allah Almighty had blessed us with more Barakah and in place of this goat, He has given us a better goat as reward. I then held this goat and when I began to milk it, I noticed that it gave both milk and honey at once. I then informed my husband about this strange incident and from that moment, this goats gives us both milk and honey. There is no doubt that this was due to the reward we had received from Allah Almighty for taking care of a guest.’” (Qalyubi)