Download PDF: [S] The Ruler who refused to pay Tax

It is mentioned that there was an agreement between Sultan Harun Rashid and a female leader of Rome whose name was Rana. Her title was “Aghsat”.


However, the citizens of Rome had expelled this female and made another person the leader whose name was Nuqur. He was extremely arrogant and reckless.


When power fell into his hands, he decided to break the agreement between Rome and the Muslims and he also wrote a strict letter to Sultan Harun Rashid. In this letter he stated, “I am of the opinion that the previous leader of Rome had given you too much of respect and too much of credit. She was someone who paid you a large amount of taxes every year even though I am of the opinion that you people do not deserve any of this. This lady had done of all this because she was weak. Another reason is that a female is stupid and has a very weak being. Therefore, when this letter of mine reaches you, whatever taxes was paid to you by this female should be returned to me. And if you wish to remain safe, you should obey this command or else our decision would be decided by the sword.”


It is reported that when Sultan Harun Rashid read the contents of this letter, his face turned red with anger. He used the back of this letter to write his answer.


After thinking for a few minutes, he wrote, “Allah in Whose Name, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. This is from Harun Rashid the leader of the Muslims to the Roman dog, Naqur. O that person who is the son of Kaafir mother, I have read the contents of your letter. The answer to this letter is not something that you will read but something which you will see.”


Harun Rashid then prepared his army and when he arrived in Rome. He demolished the city brick by brick. He also captured the daughter of the Roman leader and brought back plenty of booty. Harun Rashid also made sure that all houses belonging to this person be demolished. At the same time, all farms and orchards belonging to this person be burnt.


When the Roman leader realised that he was facing total annihilation, he pleaded to be given another chance to pay the taxes. This was agreed to. However, when Harun Rashid was returning at the city of Riqqah, he was informed that this person had gone against his promise. He then returned to the palace of this person and tied his horse inside the palace itself. At the same time, he increased the taxes many times over and some of the historians are of the opinion that one of the main reasons for the total collapse of Rome was the heavy taxes which were placed on it by people like Harun Rashid. (Al Bidaayah wan Nihaayah)