Download PDF: [S] The Soldier who never left the Deen

It is reported that during the era of Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him – a small band of Muslims were captured by the Emperor of Rome. The Emperor was also informed that there is a Muslim among them who seems fearless and when others see him, they also begin to tremble. The Emperor ordered that he be brought forward.


When the guards called him forward, he refused to come forward and at the same time, since he was tied in chains, the Roman soldiers were also afraid to go near him. However, the Emperor requested him to come forward because he wanted to discuss something important. When he came in front of the Emperor of Rome, a discussion took place between them.


The Emperor informed the Muslim that if he rejected Islam, he would allow him to wear his own personal ring and will also give him a leadership role in the Roman government. The Muslim then asked the Emperor as to how much of the world he controlled. He replied that he controlled one third or one fourth of the world.


The Muslim replied, “Even if you own the entire world and it is studded with jewels, even then, I will never trade this with a single Adhan for one day.”


The Emperor asked him what Adhan was and he recited the words of the Adhan.


The Emperor informed his advisers, “There is no doubt that the heart of this person is firmly established on Islam and therefore, it would not be easy to turn him away from his religion.”


The Emperor then ordered that a pot of water be placed on the fire and when the water beings to boil, this person should be thrown into the fire. When the water began to boil, the guards threw him inside and saying the “Bismillah”, he happily entered the pot. However, as he entered one corner of the pot, he reappeared on the other side without been harmed in any way. Obviously, the people were extremely shocked and the Emperor decided to lock him up in a dark room and all food should be stopped and for forty days, except for alcohol and pig flesh, nothing else should be given to him.


However, after forty days, when they opened the door of the cell, they noticed that all the food and drink were still untouched. They then asked him. “Why did you not eat the food after all, in your Islamic law, in times of desperation, a person is allowed to eat pig meat?”


He replied that if he did so, they would become happy and this was not his intention. His intention was to make them angry.


The Emperor then called him and said to him, “If you can make Sajdah to me only once, I will allow you and your friends to go free.”


He replied, “In the religion of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – no one is allowed to make Sajdah to anyone except the Almighty Allah.”


The Emperor then said to him, “If you can kiss me only once on my forehead, I will be prepared to release you and your friends.”


He agreed to do this. He then asked the Emperor how he should kiss him on his forehead and the Emperor mentioned that he should choose whatever manner he wanted. He then placed his sleeve over his palms and then placed them on the forehead of the Emperor and in this manner, he ended up kissing his own sleeve. The Emperor then freed all of them and also gave them many gifts as they were returning. He also wrote a special note which was to be handed to Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him. On this note, he wrote, “If this person was in our country, we would either worship him or we would certainly have the belief that such a person should be worshipped.”


In another report, it is also mentioned that when the great Muslim leader saw him, he stood up and kissed this person on his forehead without saying anything. He also asked him to share his wealth among all the other Muslims which this person agreed to. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi) This was the quality of Muslims who changed the world.