Download PDF: [S] The Miracle of Salaah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr bin Fadl – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


I once asked a Muslim the reason for his acceptance of Islam bearing in mind that he was a Roman by birth. However, he refused to reveal this to me. I again forced him to explain the reason and he then revealed the following incident. He said, “Our city was once attacked by the Muslims. A few years, they had also besieged our city. Finally, we had no option but to fight against them and in the ensuing battle, some of them were taken as prisoners and some of our soldiers were taken prisoners by the Muslims.


“In my portion, I was given the responsibility of guarding ten Muslim soldiers’ and since my house was quite large, it was easy to house these Muslim soldiers. I entrusted the care of these people to my servants and slaves. They were chained together and ordered to help in loading and offloading of goods.


“One day, I noticed that one of my guards was receiving something from one of these prisoners and he then unchained this prisoner and allowed him to read the Salaah. I then caught hold of this guard and after hitting him a little, I asked him what he had received from the prisoner. The guard revealed to me, ‘At the time of every Salaah, he gives me one Dinaar and I allow him to perform the Salaah.’”


I then asked him whether the prisoner has Dinaars in his pockets and he replied, “No! But when he completes the Salaah, he hits the ground with his hand and then removes one Dinaar from the sand and gives it to me.”


I became extremely curious and I then had the wish to see this for myself. The next day, I disguised myself as a guard and told the guard to have a rest. I wanted to see what was actually happening with my own eyes.


When it was the time of Zohar, the prisoner then gave me a sign to allow him to read the Zohar Salaah. He also told to me that he will give me one Dinaar. However, I mentioned to him that I will not take less than two Dinaars. He agreed to this. I then released him and he completed the Zohar Salaah. After the Salaah, I noticed that he hit the ground with his palms and suddenly two Dinaars appeared from the sand. He then handed these two Dinaars to me.


When the time of Asar appeared, he again indicated to me to allow him to read his Salaah. This time I told him that I would not be satisfied with anything less than five Dinaars. He then agreed to this and when he completed the Salaah, he did exactly the same thing and handed me five Dinaars.


When the time of Magrib arrived, I mentioned that I would not settle for less than ten Dinaars. He agreed to this and after the Salaah, he handed me ten Dinaars.


When the time of ‘Isha arrived, I mentioned that I would not be satisfied with less than twenty Dinaars to which he agreed. When he had completed the ‘Isha Salaah, he handed me the twenty Dinaars. However, at this moment, he also said to me, “Ask whatever you wish to ask. My Creator is Al Ghani and Al Kareem. He will give you whatever you ask and He is certainly not miserly.”


That night for some reason I wept a lot. I also realised that this was no ordinary person and that indeed he was a special servant of Allah Almighty. I also began to feel extreme awe and respect for him and I decided to open the chains and leave him free.


In the morning, I called him to my private quarters and displayed immense respect for him. I also handed him some of my expensive clothing as a gift. I gave him the opportunity to either live in this city where a house would be given to him or he was free to return to his country. He chose to return to his city. I handed him a donkey and gave him provisions for the road. I sent ten servants of mine to serve him on the road. When he was about to leave, he said to me, “May Allah Almighty allow you to pass away in the religion which He loves.” When he mentioned these words, I suddenly felt an immense love and attraction towards Islam. I also instructed my servants to take good care of this Saint and they were also instructed to display immense respect and reverence for him.


I gave them strict instruction that when they reach the town of this Saint, they were to send a message to me that they had arrived safely. The distance between both cities normally takes five days to cover. In other words, to and fro meant that it would take ten days to complete. However, I was very surprised to see my servants arriving on the sixth day.


They also had a letter with them which proved that he had returned safely. I then asked them the reason for them returning so quickly and they mentioned that when they had left this city, they had arrived in the next city within a few moments and did not even feel tired and had experienced no fatigue at all. However, it had taken them nearly five days to return from that place! When I heard of this miracle, I immediately recited the Kalimah.


I then made Du’a, “O Allah! If You only show Mercy to those who practise on Islamic law, who will look out for us who are sinners? If You only accept the Salaah of the pious, then who will accept the Salaah of those who are not sincere in their Ibadah? I also implore You to please pardon all my sins.” (Ar Rouad Al Faa’iq)