Download PDF: [S] The Miracle of the Water from the Ground

There was once a group of travellers that were on boat travelling for Hajj. They had plenty of goods and other items with them. Suddenly a problem developed in the boat and it broke apart. They tried a lot to save the boat but they were unsuccessful.


The time for Hajj was also fast approaching. There was one business person on this boat who had lost hundreds of thousands and he seemed completely undisturbed by what happened. However, he made speedy preparations to travel to Mecca Shareef.


When his companions asked him what he was doing, he replied, “I swear by Allah even if all of the wealth of the world is given to me, still too, I will sacrifice all of this for the opportunity of completing the Hajj and meeting the beloved servants of Allah Allah. The reason is that I have already seen the greatness of these people and this place.”

His companions asked him to explain what he had seen. He narrated, “One day, we were travelling overland for Hajj and the water in the caravan was depleted. Everyone was in a state of extreme thirst. I then looked at everyone and even promised people money for water, but there was no water to be seen. There is no doubt that thirst had made us extremely desperate.


“I then left the caravan and moved on to one side of the normal route. On this path, I met a very pious looking man who had a stick in his hand. When he saw my state, he hit the ground with his stick and suddenly a spring of water appeared. I made sure that I drink as much as possible and also filled my water can. I then called all my companions in the caravan and all of them also came and satisfied their thirst. Therefore, tell me, when such blessed people are gathered in such a blessed place, how can one ignore travelling to that place?” (Ar Rouad Ar Riyaheen)