Download PDF: [S] The Eating of the Faqeers

Besides eating, drinking and sitting in the company of the poor and destitute, the rich and powerful consider it below their dignity to even be in the company of the poor and destitute. However, the Awliya have always given preference to the down-trodden over the rich and powerful. In fact, they were shown such respect and esteem that for that moment, they even forgot that they were poor and destitute. In this manner, a type of band aid was placed over the hearts of these poor people.


It is recorded that a large group of poor and destitute people joined the eminent Saint and scholar, namely Hadrat Sayyiduna Khawajah Bahaahudeen Zakariyah Multani – may Allah be pleased with him. This was at the time of eating. The great Saint continued to them show them respect and made them feel extremely comfortable. He also made sure that he joined each one while they were eating. Hadrat Sayyiduna Khawajah Bahaahudeen – may Allah be pleased with him – then noticed that one of these people were also soaking the bread in the gravy and then consuming it and to show further respect to this person he informed everyone, “There is no doubt that among the Faqeers, this one Faqeer is fully aware of the manner of eating. The reason is that the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that, ‘Among food, the gravy (sareed) is elevated among other food as I am elevated among all the other Prophets and as Sayyidah Ayesha – may Allah be pleased with her – is elevated among all the other females.’” (‘Ijaazul Haq Qudusi, Tadkirah Sufiyah Punjab from Sayrul Aarifeen and Fawaa’idul Fawaad, 122)