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It is mentioned that during the Persian war, the cities of Persian were captured one after another under the command of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ahnaf bin Qais – may Allah be pleased with him. At the same time, the King of Persia had to move from city to city because each city was being destroyed within a short span of time.


When the King realised that there would be no escape from the relentless Muslim army, he decided to relocate to China after writing a letter to the Emperor of China. In like manner, he also wrote to the King of the Turks, whose name was Khaaqaan.


In the history books it is written:


When the Ruler of the Turks received the request from the Persian ruler, he decided to send a large force to help the Persians.

A few days later, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ahnaf bin Qais – may Allah be pleased with him – had also killed two of the most powerful commanders from this force in a single, man to man battle. When the ruler of the Turks saw this, he heart filled with terror and fear. He then turned his horse towards his country and decided to leave. In fact, it would be safe to say that he had actually ran from the battlefield. The Persian Empire had been defeated by the Muslims. He also realised that it was impossible to fight against the Muslims. He then gathered the state wealth and decided to leave for China Turkmenistan.


When his loyal subjects saw what was happening, they asked him about it and he mentioned that he will be leaving either to be with the Turks or the Chinese. When his subjects heard this remark, they were extremely disappointed and angry. They understood that this was someone who only thought about himself. They mentioned something to him which even at that sensitive moment, proved the great status that people held the Muslims in.


“Our suggestion is that you resist from doing something like this because it is completely incorrect. You wish to leave your country and go and stay in another country which you have no idea about. We suggest that you come with us so that we can make peace with the Muslims. The reason is that the Muslims have proven to be honest and trustworthy. As for those whom you have chosen, you have no knowledge of them and they also have no religion themselves and as far as their trust worthiness is concerned, that is also something which no one knows.”


However, at that moment, both parties disagreed with each other. The subjects mentioned that he was free to go wherever he wished but he had no right to take the wealth and riches of their country and give it to another country. Of course the ruler of Persia refused to do this with the result his subjects removed him from his official position.


Now two groups opposed each other. There was one group that still supported the King and the other group which supported the main leaders of the community. After a brief struggle, the King and his close allies were defeated and all the wealth which he intended to steal was taken away from him. They also chased him out of the kingdom.


They wrote to Hadrat Sayyiduna Akhnas in Qais – may Allah be pleased with him – and informed him what had happened. When the Muslims heard about this, they followed the King and his party with the aim of defeating them. When he heard about this, he ran to a place called Farghani which was in Bukhaara. He remained at this place until the end of the reign of Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar – may Allah be pleased with him – and the beginning of the reign of Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Uthman Ghani – may Allah be pleased with him.


At that time also, a delegation from the Persians arrived in the court of Hadrat Sayyiduna Akhnas bin Qais – may Allah be pleased with him – and drew up an agreement between themselves. They also handed over all the wealth of their country to him and returned to their country. Obviously, the Muslims kept to their promise and these people continued to live in safety in their own country. They also came to realize that living under the Muslims was much better than living under their King and they were never made to feel that they were under the control of another country or force.


This is the reason that it is mentioned that one of the greatest qualities of a person is when his own enemies speak good about him. In Arabic it is mentioned that, “One’s excellence and greatness is that which is testified to by one’s enemies.”