Download PDF: [S] The Du’a of the Oppressed

This incident is mentioned by Ibnul Mulkin in the treatise Tabqaatul Awliyah, page 180. Ibnul Mulkin also explains that this incident is mentioned by Imam ibn Asaakir in his Taarikh from Ali bin Harb.


He writes, “I once left my residence in Mosul to travel to Saamira. There were a few boats that were anchored on the banks of the Dajlah that were travelling to Saamirah and these boats, besides carrying passengers, also used to transport the goods of people to these various areas. I also jumped on one boat and began to travel on the river Dajlah. There is no doubt that the scenery was very pretty as we travelled along and everyone on the boat were also enjoying the scenery. The people on the boat were very relaxed and began to doze off and the water was also very calm.


“Suddenly, my fells fell on the water and I noticed a very big fish which sprang from the water into the boat. I then grabbed this fish so that it could not return to the water. As I began to try and hold this fish, the boat also began to sway a little and because of this, most of the people woke up. When they saw this fish, someone said, “This fish has been given to us by Allah Almighty and we should anchor the boat on one of the islands so that we could enjoy this sustenance which Allah Almighty has sent for us. At the same time, this fish is big enough for all of us to be fed.”


Everyone who heard this was happy with the suggestion and even the captain was also happy and agreed to anchor the boat on one of the nearest islands.


“However, as we approached one of the islands and the green under growth, we were shocked with what we saw. We saw a person laying on one side who seemed to be have been stabbed with a knife and his throat was also slit. One the other side, there was another person who had been tied up and his mouth was filled with a piece of cloth. When we saw this sight, all of us began to experience immense fear.


“We then approached the person who had been tied up and asked him what had happened. However, he first asked us to give him some water to drink. After drinking the water, he related his story.


“He explained, ‘Me and this person who has been killed travelled together from Mosul to Baghdad to do some business. This person noticed that I had lot of wealth with me and because of this, he tried to become my very good friend. He then gained my closeness and I also began to trust him. Our journey continued and during the trip, the captain decided to stop over at this island so that everyone could have a small rest. Since I was asleep, the boat left without me. While I was sleeping, this murdered person remained behind and taking advantage of me while I was sleeping, he tied a rope around my hands and legs. He also placed a cloth inside my mouth so that I could not scream. He then took whatever goods and wealth I had and placed me on the ground to murder me. He also mentioned that if he left me alive; later on, I would recognize him and also disgrace him and because of this, he had to have me killed.


‘He also had a knife hidden in his waist which you see laying on one side. When he decided to pull out the knife from his waist, it became stuck and he could not pull it out easily. When he realised this, he decided to use all his strength to pull out the knife from its sheath. However, because of the force he used, the knife came out of the sheath and struck his neck and also cut his jugular vein. And because of this serious injury, he fell dead.


‘I was looking at this frightening scene and although the person had died, I also realised that this was a desolate island and very soon without food and water, I would also die on this island. I also realised that very few people even stop on this island. I then made a special Du’a to Allah Almighty, ‘O Allah please send someone to this island to free me.’ I continued to make this Du’a over and over again. At the same time, I was someone who was oppressed and there is no doubt that Allah Almighty always listens to the Du’a of the oppressed. This is the reason that Allah Almighty has sent you people to this island. At the same time, I wish to also ask you people what was the purpose that you people arrived in this island?’


“The people in this caravan informed him, ‘The only reason we came on this island was because we wanted to prepare a fish which jumped into our boat and this is the only reason that we have arrived on this island.’


“When this person heard this, he replied, ‘There is no doubt that Allah Almighty had allowed this fish to enter your boat so that you could eventually end up on this island and also be able to save me. I am also extremely tired and request you people to take me to the nearest town.’


The people from the boat had also forgotten about the fish which they had come to prepare and when all of them approached the boat, this fish again jumped back into the river. The people on the boat were then certain that without doubt Allah Almighty had sent this fish on the boat and the actual reason was to save this person who had been oppressed on this island!


There is no doubt that when Allah Almighty wishes to complete His Divine Will, He creates means and causes for this to happen. This is also the reason that the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that, “Protect yourself against the Du’a of an oppressed person because there is no veil between the Du’a of the oppressed and Allah Almighty.” (Bukhari Shareef and Muslim Shareef)