Download PDF: [S] The Decislon of a Qadi silences the Khalifah

It is reported that once Khalifah Abdur Rahman Naasir wanted to purchase a certain house in the city of Granada. However, this specific house was under the guardianship of Qadi Manzir bin Saeed Baluti because it belonged to a few orphans.


When the King sent an offer to purchase this house, the Qadi informed him that for him to be able to purchase this house, there had to be three conditions present before this house was purchased. They were:

  1. There had to be an extremely urgent need.
  2. There was a possibility that this house or property could be stolen.
  3. There is such a price offered for this property which would prove beneficial for the orphans in future.


However, Qadi Manzir informed the King that none of these conditions were present which would make it necessary to sell this house to the king. Hence he refused the offer given by the King. Qadi Manzir also made it clear that the price offered by the Kings agent was also too little.


When the King heard this, he remained silent. He also understood that the Qadi would never agree to this offer to purchase if the offer was not increased. On the other hand, the Qadi also felt that perhaps the King would capture this house because he had the power to do so and so out of precaution, he completely demolished the house.


A few days later, the agents of the King brought double the offer to the Qadi. This offer was then accepted by the Qadi. He was then called to the Palace to ask the reason of why he had demolished the house in the first place. The Qadi replied that when he decided to demolish the house, his eyes fell on the 79th verse of Surah Kahaf which is:


اَمَّا السَّفِیۡنَۃُ فَکَانَتْ لِمَسٰکِیۡنَ یَعْمَلُوۡنَ فِی الْبَحْرِ فَاَرَدۡتُّ اَنْ اَعِیۡبَہَا وَکَانَ وَرَآءَہُمۡ مَّلِکٌ یَّاۡخُذُ کُلَّ سَفِیۡنَۃٍ غَصْبًا ﴿۷۹﴾

“As for the boat, it belonged to certain poor people who were working in the sea, then I intended to make it faulty and behind them, there was a king who used to seize every perfect boat forcibly.”


This is a story which explains that Hadrat Khidr ‘Alayhis Salaam damaged the boat of thsoe people who were poor with the intention that this boat is not seized by a tyrant King. In the same way, he had also damaged and demolished this house so that it could not be seized by the present King. When the King heard this reply, he was very happy and continued to respect the Qadi for his honesty and dedication for the truth. (Taarikh-e-Islam)