Download PDF: [S] The Du’a of an Old Mujaahid

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ukaasah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates, “Someone from Basrah informed me of the following incident. He narrates:


I once met someone in the city of Basrah who looked extremely influential and had an air of stature in him. He was wearing woollen clothing. I asked him his name and he replied that his name was Ali bin Mohammed. I sat a while with him and we began to speak. He mentioned the following incident.


He narrates: I once went to a place called Maseesah to perform Jihad. I noticed that in one of the Masjids, there was an old and pious person who was surrounded by many people. This Saint was also teaching people the Ahadith. I also joined this lesson and when this venerable teacher asked me who I was, I replied, “I am from Iraq and I have come to this place in search of acquiring the Divine Pleasure of Allah and success in the Hereafter.”


When he heard these words, the Saint declared, “May Allah Almighty give you a pure life and bestow upon you a house of respect in the Hereafter. I also have a request and I am hopeful that you will not refuse to accede to my request.”


I then asked him his request and he mentioned, “I would appreciate if you would live with us and give us the opportunity to be your host.”


I decided to stay with him. I noticed that my host was such a pious person that during the day he spent in fasting and during the night he spent in Ibadah. He performed many other good deeds and actions.


When the army was ready to move, this Saint also donated plenty of goods to the army and also joined them with ten thousand other soldiers as well. His young son who was in charge of the house also joined the army as well. We then decided to travel to the border and it was a like a storm which had gathered. When both the armies met face to face, it seemed like the enemy was far superior in number.


However, in spite of this, the Muslim army stood firm like a solid rock without moving one inch. The young son of this person also continued to encourage the Muslim Mujaahideen towards Jihad. The old Saint also addressed the Muslims and declared, “O young Muslims! The door of Jannah is in front of you and this you can open through your swords and therefore, let us attack the enemy without any fear.”


When everyone had heard this, the young son of the Saint then tore into the enemy creating confusion and panic wherever he went. Finally, the young man was martyred.


The old Saint then joined the battle and also entered the battlefield like a lion. He fought very bravely and finally, he was also martyred.


However, through the bravery of such blessed people, Allah Almighty blessed the Muslims with victory. Not only did the enemies turn back and start to retreat but many soldiers of the enemies were also taken prisoner. Finally, at the end of the battle, we started to bury all those Muslims who had been martyred and we also dug a grave for this old person.


When we placed him in his grave and walked away, we noticed that his blessed body had once again come to the surface. We presumed that there might have been an earth tremor and because of this, the body had been thrown out by the earth. We then dug a second grave and again before we could cover the blessed body, the body came to the surface again. We then dug a third grave and before we could place him in the grave, we heard a Voice declare, “O people! This person had always made Du’a that his questioning in the grave should be performed in the bellies of wild animals. Therefore, leave him the way he is because very soon, his body will be eaten by wild animals.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)


In other words, the Saints are those blessed people whose Du’a is never rejected by Allah Almighty. This person had asked to be left in this manner after he leaves this world and this is how he was left in this world.