Download PDF: [S] Imam Abu Hanifah defeats an Athiest

It is mentioned that one day, a few atheists appeared in front of Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him – and asked him to prove the existence of Almighty Allah but he was not to use the Qur’an and Ahadith. The atheist also mentioned that he will come in the Jamia Masjid at a certain time to debate with the great Imam. This news was spread all over the town and the next day, hundreds of Muslims came to listen to the debate. At the time which was agreed upon, the entire Masjid was filled. The atheist was also sitting in front of the Masjid and all the Muslims were looking on.


However, the Muslims were also shocked because they could not see the great Imam. After a certain time, obviously the atheist was looking extremely pleased with himself while the Muslims were sitting with gloom faces. He was also saying to the Muslims that he had defeated their greatest Imam and scholar.


Finally, they noticed the great Imam appearing in the Masjid. As Imam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him – came to the front, he apologised to the atheist and everyone present and mentioned the reason for his delay. He explained, “All of you are aware that I live on the other side of the river and when I need to come to town, I need to take a boat. However, this time, when I came to the river, I noticed that there were no boats nor any person to take me across the river. I then waited and waited for someone to appear but no one appeared.


“Finally, I noticed a tree near the river whose leaves suddenly began to fall without any wind. This tree suddenly broke into pieces and took the shape of a boat. I was completely shocked. I then jumped into this boat and it began to move on its own without anyone guiding the boat.”


When the atheist heard this story, he began to laugh out aloud. Everyone was also shocked at what the great Imam had just mentioned. Imam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him –then asked the atheist why he was laughing and he replied, “You are such a learned person, how do you expect me to believe such a fairy tale. How can a tree suddenly fall to the ground, all the wood suddenly appear as timber and all this timber suddenly take the shape of boat with the help of anyone?”


When Imam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him – heard this reply, he said to him, “You find it difficult to accept that a small tree would become a boat on its own, and yet you believe that this entire universe with its sun, moon, its mountains, etc. to come into existence just like that without anyone creating it. If it is impossible for a tree to take the shape of a boat without help, in like manner, the entire universe could never have come into existence without  a Divine Creator.”


When the Muslims heard this reply, they all began to praise Almighty Allah and obviously the atheist was completely dumb-founded. He realised that this great Imam had not only proven him wrong but he had done this without even using the Qur’an and Hadith!