Download PDF: [S] How they performed their Salaah

It is reported that once Usaam bin Yusuf arrived in the gathering of Hadrat Sayyiduna Haatim Asam – may Allah be pleased with him – and wanted to argue with him. He asked Hadrat Sayyiduna Haatim Asam – may Allah be pleased with him –, “O Abu Abdur Rahman! (this was his title), how do you perform your Salaah?”


The great Saint turned to him and said, “When the time of Salaah appears, I then perform the inner Wudu and then then the external Wudu.”


Usaam then asked, “How do these both differ?”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Haatim Asam – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, “The outer Wudu is when the limbs are fully washed with water and thoroughly cleaned. The inner Wudu is when a person washes away with seven attributes. They are Taubah, shamefulness, divorce from the world, praise of people, self-conceit, hatred and jealousy. He removes all of these from his heart. He then goes to the Masjid. He places his limbs in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty. The Ka’ba is seen in the front of him and he stands with great hope in Allah and with a true sense that Allah Almighty is watching him. On his right hand, he is able to see Jannah and on his left side, he is able to see the Fire of Hell. He is able to see the Angel of Death behind him. He also feels that his feet in on the Pul siraat and he also feels like this is his last Salaah. He then makes the Niyyah for Salaah and then recites the Takbeer. He recites the Qur’an with genuine sincerity and does the same in Ruku and Sajdah. He recites the Tashahhud having hope in the Divine Mercy of Allah Almighty and with true sincerity, he makes the Salaam. This has been the way I have read my Salaah for thirty years”.


When Usaama heard these words, he began to weep and then said, “This is such a quality which can never be found in anyone at this time except in you.” (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)