Download PDF: [S] He Wept all the Time

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdur Rahman bin Yazeed bin Jabir – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


Once I met Hadrat Sayyiduna Yazeed bin Marsad – may Allah be pleased with him – and asked him, “I notice you weeping all the time. Is there ever a time when your eyes are free of tears. At the same time, what is the reason for this continuous weeping?”


He replied, “Why are you asking this question?”


I mentioned, “With the hope that perhaps from your answer, I would be able to gain some type of guidance.”


I also asked him whether he wept in private or in public or in all conditions.

He explained, “I swear by Allah that this state of mine is in all conditions. When food is brought in front of me, I begin to weep and I refrain my hand from eating anything. Sometimes even when I am with my family, this state overtakes me. When my children see this, they also begin to weep. But they have no idea why they are weeping. The only reason that they weep is because they see their father weeping. Even my wife also complains that, ‘There can never be any female like me who has a husband that is overtaken by such sadness. I am also robbed of the happiness which most females enjoy when they meet their husbands. In fact, I have never noticed a moment in your life when I could see joy and happiness.’”


Finally I asked him, “Tell me and explain to me, what is it that has created such sadness and grief within you?”


He finally replied, “My dear brother! If I am told that I will be thrown into hot boiling water due to my disobedience, then too, this would not be such a bad punishment. However, the matter is much more serious than this. Remember that the people who disobey Allah Almighty will be thrown into the Fire of Hell and will burn in this Fire forever. At the same time, this fire is something which we will never ever be able to bear. Therefore, bearing this in mind, why should I not weep all the time when I remember this?”