Download PDF: [S] Meeting with Bishr Haafi

Hadrat Sayyiduna Sulayman bin Harb – may Allah be pleased with him, who was an eminent Muhaddith of his era, mentions, “It was always my wish to be able to meet the great Wali, Hadrat Sayyiduna Bishr bin Haarith Haafi – may Allah be pleased with him . However, many years went by and I never had the opportunity of meeting him. One day, as I entered the Masjid, I noticed a person inside the Masjid with thick hair and he had an old shawl wrapped around him. He was also eating a dry piece of bread. I then approached him and asked, “Are you from Khurasaan?” He replied that no he was from Baghdad Shareef. I then asked him why he had come to this place and he replied that he had come to learn Hadith from me. I then asked him his name and he replied, “What would you do with my name?” I mentioned that I wanted to know his name.


He said that his name was Abu Nasr. I said to him that I did not want to know his title but his actual name. I mentioned that he should first reveal his name to me and that I would teach him Hadith after that. He replied, “My name is Bishr bin Haarith Haafi.”


When I heard this, I could not restrain my joy and said to him “I make Shukr to Allah who has finally blessed me with your Ziyarah.”


I sat next to him and started to weep while teaching him the Ahadith. I asked whether he would be prepared to stay with me since he has just arrived in this city.


He replied that he did not have a permanent place to stay and that he was a Musaafir all the time and that he could not stay at one place. When I heard this, I again began to weep. He then greeted me and departed while I was still weeping.


There is no doubt that the wish to see a Wali always results in the act of seeing that Wali. The most important intention is to have the sincerity within one self and the true belief in that Wali. These Walis are all over the world and the only reason that we cannot see them is because of our lack of spiritual power. But they are certainly blessed with immense spiritual power and can appear in front of us within a few seconds.