Download PDF: [S] He Worshipped an Idol

It is mentioned that in the early days of Islam in Madina Shareef, the famous idol was named Manaat. This was under the guardianship of someone called Amar Banu Jamuh Salamah. He was also one of the leaders of his clan. This idol was made from very valuable and expensive timber. In fact, the craftsmen who designed and fashioned this idol did not leave any stones unturned.


Amar used to also place expensive fragrance of this idol every day. He used to beautify it and decorate it as best as he could. He washed it every day as well. He visited the idol every morning and evening and was not stingy spending on this idol. In fact, one can say that he was deeply intoxicated by this idol.


One day, this same Amar appeared in front of his idol and stood humbly in front of it. After praising it as much as he could, he said to the idol, “O Manaat! You are aware that a certain person has appeared in our city as the emissary of new religion. He has also already started to propagate this new religion. He is also ardently anxious that we should divorce ourselves from you.  He wishes to remove from our hearts the love we have for you. I wish to ask him a very clear questions but have decided to discuss this with you first and then I will speak to him. Please explain to me what I should do.”


Obviously, this piece of junk could not answer him. However, in his ignorance, he said to himself, “It looks like my lord is displeased with me for some reason even though I have not said anything wrong. Never mind, even if my lord is angry with me, I will return a few days from now and try to please it.”


However, on the other side of the blessed city, the son of this person, namely Ma’az bin Amar, and Ma’az bin Jabal – may Allah be pleased with them – had already accepted Islam. The son discussed this issue with his friend Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’az bin Jabal – may Allah be pleased with him – and they decided to that they needed to teach this idol a lesson and also open the eyes of this old person. They were young and full of enthusiasm. When the old man slept one night, they approached this idol and carried it with them to the dumping area. It was large hole in which the Bani Salamah used to throw their dirt.


In the morning when Amar awoke as per his daily ritual, he decided to go and visit his “lord” and achieve some spiritual blessing from Manaat. However, when he arrived in his temple, he noticed that his lord was not present, he then began to shout and scream. His young son was sleeping and could his father screaming but decided to keep silent. He then around frantically looking for his beloved Manaat and finally, he found his lord in a rubbish heap laying upside down. He retrieved the idol and had it washed properly and after applying fragrance, he placed it in its original position.


The next day, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’az bin Amar – may Allah be pleased with him – and Hadrat Sayyiduna Mu’az bin Jabal – may Allah be pleased with him – with a few other young Muslims did the same thing. The next morning, the same thing happened when Amar entered his private temple. He went to the rubbish dump and he had to retrieve his lord from this rubbish heap. By this time, he was also finding it a little silly to pick up something which he worshipped from a rubbish dump but he remained silent. This time, when he retrieved his lord, he placed a sword around the neck of the idol and also informed the idol that if anyone came to steal it, he should defend itself.


The following day, the same thing happened. This time, the young Muslims tied the idol to a dead dog which made it look even filthier. They again threw it inside the rubbish heap.


When Amar entered the temple and did not find his beloved lord, he again went looking in the usual place. This time, he found his beloved lord tied to a dead dog and it was looking extremely filthy and dirty. Finally, he could not retrain himself and he declared, “I swear by Allah that if you were a real lord you would have never allowed yourself to be tied to a dead dog.”


His heart was now ready to accept Imaan. He then took his children and announced that he was accepting Islam. He went to the idol and broke it to pieces. He was also thinking how silly he was that he was worshipping a mere piece of wood. It is said that after this, he sacrificed everything he had including his family for the sake of Islam. (Usdu Ghaabah; Sayr)


The same can be seen in other countries where idols are worshipped. They may be some of the most intelligent people living in these countries but the Satan has deceived and hood-winked them in such a manner that they cannot see beyond their noses. They cannot seem to understand that they are worshipping something which their own hands have created. They make these idols, they beautify them, they create fancy stories about these idols and yet some of the most intelligent people are still worshipping them.