Download PDF: [S] Reward of two pieces of Bread

It is reported that there was once a person from the Bani Isra’eel who lived for many years alone in his house and he used to perform much Ibadah.


One day, he came outside his house and saw a small stream in front of his house. His Nafs then made him leave the house and come near this spring of water. He drank some water and also decided to sit near this stream.


Suddenly a very pretty female passed by who was also dressed in fine jewellery. She was going from one settlement to the next. This pious person became infatuated with this female and they thereafter committed adultery.


After he had committed this sin, a poor and needy person walked by. It must also be remembered that every day this same pious person used to receive two pieces of bread from the Unseen. He then handed both pieces of bread to this person and remained hungry the entire night. At that moment, the Allah Almighty sent a message to the Prophet of that time in which He declared, “Due to your act of adultery, all your good deeds have been cancelled. However, because you gave a poor person the pieces of bread and remained hungry, all your past good deeds have again be accepted. This is the reward for your Sadqah. I have accepted this Sadqah and have allowed you to return to your previous state.” (Al Ihsaan by Ibn Habban)