Download PDF: [S] Pebbles turned to Jewels

It is reported that once the leader of Khurasaan, Yaqub bin Lais, became very ill. Even the doctors had given up hope on him. Some of his people then approached him and said to him, “There is a person in our community who is considered as been among the pious and his name is Sahl bin Abdullah. If you call for him, perhaps he can make Du’a for you.”


When Hadrat Sahl bin Abdullah – May Allah have mercy on him – went to the leader of this city, he was asked to make Du’a. However, he replied, “How can I make Du’a for you when you are an oppressor?”


When Ameer Yaqub heard this, he made sincere Taubah for his past deeds and also promised to live a noble life after that.


Hadrat Sahl bin Abdullah – May Allah have mercy on him – then raised his hands and made Du’a, “O Allah! As You have revealed his humiliation through his sinning, in like manner reveal his eminence through his obedience to You and whatever illness he has, please remove this.”


A few minutes later, this person stood up like he had no illness at all. It was like a rope had been loosened around his feet. He then placed a lot of money in front of Hadrat Sahl bin Abdullah – May Allah have mercy on him – who refused to accept anything. He then returned to his village.


As he was walking, one of his people mentioned to him that if he had accepted this money, there would have be no harm because he could have distributed this among the poor and needy. When he heard these words, he looked at the ground and suddenly the pebbles around him turned into jewels. He then asked the people around him to take whatever they wanted. He then mentioned to them, “If someone has been given such bounties, what need does he have for the wealth of Yaqub bin Laith?’ Suffice to say that those around him began to apologise for their words. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)