Download PDF: [S] No Escape from the Angel of Death (Islamic story)

It is reported that during the ancient times, there was a tyrannical ruler. One day, the Angel of Death approached him to take away his soul. When the King asked him who he was, he replied that he was the Angel of Death and that he had come to take his life.


The King replied, “I request that you give me a seven year break so that I can prepare for death.”


Allah Almighty then sent a Revelation to the Angel of Death that he give this person a seven year break.


The Angel of Death then informed the person that he was been given a seven year break so that he could prepare for death.


The King then ordered that a strong and mighty fort be built. The builders were instructed that there should be seven trenches around the fort. The four walls were also to be built with strong stone. Doors of steel were also ordered to be built. Inside this fort, the private residence of this King was to be built so that he could protect himself against the Angel of Death. He then entered this private room and also informed his guards that no one was allowed to enter his private chambers.


When the seven years had passed, the King suddenly saw the Angel of Death standing in front of him. He asked who had allowed him in the room and how did he come inside the room when there were no other doors except one where the soldiers were standing. However, the Angel of death replied that he had come with the permission of the Owner of the house. The King asked the guards whether they had allowed him inside. They said that besides allowing him inside, they had not even see him entering the room.


The Angel of DEATH then declared, “The Owner of the heavens and earth does not pay attention to anything which might look like obstacles. And no amount of walls or trenches are able to stop His messenger from delivering His Message.”


The Angel of Death then said, “You will have to leave for that house which you had built, that house which you had furnished and that house which was prepared for you.”


The King replied that he had not prepared any such house for himself and wanted to know where this house was situated.


The Angel of Death replied, “This house of yours is in the middle of that Fire which peels away the flesh of people. It is a house which calls to those who try to amass their wealth thinking that they can run away from it.” (Nawaadir, Al Qalyubi)