Download PDF: [S] No Pleasure in his Ibadah (Islamic story)

Abu Yazeed Bustami – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that he continued to make Ibadah for many years but could not find joy in his Ibadah. One day, he approached his mother and asked her whether perchance she had not eaten anything Haraam while he was in her womb. After thinking about this for a long time, she mentioned, “O my son! Once, while you were in my womb and I had climbed on the roof and I noticed that the neighbour had a box of cheese also on his roof. I only placed my one finger in this box and consumed this little cheese without his permission.” When Abu Yazeed Bustami – may Allah be pleased with him – heard this, he mentioned, “This is the reason that I am unable to find pleasure and joy in my Ibadah.” He then asked his mother to apologise to the neighbour and after the neighbour had pardoned his mother, it is mentioned that only after this did he find enjoyment in his Ibadah.