Chehl Kaaf or 40 Kaaf signifies three verses of six lines which Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) wrote as a special supplication addressing his pure heart. Because it is considered as the most classical of classical Arabic, it is important to present this with its proper Harakaat so that complete benefit is achieved by the reader. We also mention a few benefits of this. If one counts the letter Kaaf in these six lines, it will equal to forty in number.

First verse:

کَفَاکَ رَبُّکَ کَمْ یَکْفِیْکَ وَاکِفَۃً

کِفْکَافُھَا لَکَمِیْنٍ کَانَ مِنْ لُکَکٖ

O my heart! Even before this, your Lord was sufficient for you in removing major calamities (from your path).

At this moment also, He will be sufficient for you and (this Divine Help) is like a major battalion which establishes itself (for the impending battle).

Second verse:

تَکِرُّ کَرًّا کَکَرِّ الْکَرِّ فِیْ کَبَدٖ

تَحْکِیْ مُشَکْشَکَۃً کَلُکْلُکٍ لُکَکٖ

These trials and tribulations are so severe and testing (to misdirect you from the straight path) that it seems to be a strong rope inter twined with each other and it appears to be like one single rope.

And these trials and tribulations are so speedy, fast and heavy that it all seems to one mighty army (coming forward). It seems like a fat healthy animal and like a well-muscled camel.

Third line:

کَفَاکَ مَابِیْ کَفَاکَ الْکَافِ کُرْبَتَہٗ

یَا کَوْکَبًا کَانَ یَحْکِیْ کَوْکَبَ الْفَلَکٖ

O my heart! That which I consider (as a star in its mightiness in test and tribulation) and looks like a star, the Almighty (azza wa jall) has been sufficient for you in all these trials which have afflicted (and tested) you.

He will also be sufficient for you when (you) the heart becomes sad and troubled (even during trials in the future).

How to Practice 40 Kaaf Shareef:

The recitation of 40 Kaaf is effective for all types of needs and situations an individual may have.

One must recite daily as many times as he or she can comfortably fit into one’s schedule after two Rak’ats of Nafl Salah.

One must recite three times Durood shareef before and after the recitation of 40 Kaaf shareef, and if it is for the fulfilment of a special objective one might have, then make Fatiha of Sayyiduna Ghaus Paak and add the recitation of 40 Kaaf shareef, and then distribute the food among the poor and needy before and after the fulfilment of one’s desired objective.  Allah Almighty will fulfil the need through the blessings of Sayyiduna Ghaus Paak – may Allah be pleased with him.

The benefits of reading

  1. If a person has been overtaken by an evil jinn or an evil effect, this should be read seven times on mustard oil or similar oil and rubbed over the body. Insha Allah, in a few days the person will feel better.
  1. If a person has consistent headache which never seems to go. He should write these six lines in the last Wednesday of the month of Safar and give it to this person and this person should place it on his head. If he has forgotten this, then he can write this on any last Wednesday of any Islamic month and give it to the person.
  1. If a person’s eyesight is decreasing, then he should read this seven times on the morning of Friday, that means Thursday after Maghrib and blow on Surmah. He should then use this Surmah in his eyes.
  1. If a person has tooth ache, he can write these six lines and place it under his tongue or near the soar tooth.
  1. If he has sore throat, he can place it near that area.
  2. If a person has a stomach problem, he can read this three times or seven times and blow on the salt and let the person eat this salt.
  1. This can also be read and blown on water and given to one’s wife so that one gets a good and pious child. If a person forgets the road, he should read it seven times. If a lady’s hair is not getting long, she can read this seven times and blow on a comb and allow the lady to use that comb. One can read it seven times every day for memory and higher intellect.

The significance of the letter “Kaaf”?

One might wonder as to what could be so significant about this particular letter out of all the letters of the Arabic alphabets.  The experts in this field mention that the letter “Kaaf” is Jamaali (it has the the attributes of beauty, blessings and virtues).

The letter “Kaaf” contains the power and virtues of Allah’s beautiful names that begin with the letter “Kaaf”.

Why is the 40 Kaaf Restricted to the number 40 and What is its Significance?

  1. The clay that was kneaded for the physical body of Sayyiduna Adam – peace be upon him – was put to rest for 40 years.
  • It was then dried for an additional 40 years.
  • The baby conceived in the womb of the mother remains as a drop of sperm (prior to further development stages) for 40 days.
  • In the next 40 days, it develops into a blood clot.
  • For the next 40 forty days its tissues are developed. (Mishkaat, Chapter of Iman and Destiny)
  • The mother experiences the bleeding cycle of up to 40 days.
  • One’s intellects reaches perfection at the age of 40.  It is for this reason that most of the Prophets – peace be upon them – of Allah Almighty were bestowed with Prophethood at the age of 40.
  • In the spiritual world, the soofies and Awliya practice their litanies and wazaaif for a period of 40 days for their spiritual upliftment.
  • Sayyiduna Moosa – peace be upon him – was commanded by Allah Almighty to make E’tikaf for 40 days, and only then he was given the gift of Torah Shareef.  Hence Allah Almighty states in the Holy Quran:

وَ اِذْ وٰعَدْنَا مُوۡسٰۤی اَرْبَعِیۡنَ لَیۡلَۃً

  And We made a promise of forty night with Moses.

(Al-Baqarah 2, Verse 51)

  1. Imam Baihaqi mentioned the narration of Sayyiduna Anas – may Allah be pleased with him, and Imam Zurqani also mentioned this narration that the souls of the Prophets – peace be upon them – in their graves after they are buried, are still attracted to their bodies and they do not leave their grave for 40 days, and only after that their souls go into Allah’s proximity and worship him.  Then they travel to wherever they wish in their physical appearance.
  1. The soul of the deceased is still attracted to the body for the first 40 days of passing away.

These factors shed some light as to what is the significance of 40, and it is for this reason that Fatiha Khatam and Isale Sawab is practiced on the 40th day.