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Surah Fatiha for all Your Needs

Whenever you are in need, perform the following Wazifah/Amal of Surah Fatiha for the duration of a week. In sha Allah, by the Will of Allah, you will reach your objective within 7 days, and if you continue with the recitation every week, you will not need any other Wazifah/Amal for all your future needs. Every difficulty will become easy and Allah Almighty will provide for all your major expenses from the unseen.

Sharah of 40 Kaaf Shareef (Huzoor Ghaus Paak)

sharah-of-40-kaaf-shareef-huzoor-ghaus-paakDownload Chehl Kaaf or 40 Kaaf signifies three verses of six lines which Hadrat Ghous Paak (radi Allahu anhu) wrote as a special supplication addressing his pure heart. Because it is considered as the most classical of classical Arabic, it... Continue Reading →

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