Download PDF: Protection from Satan

Hadrat Sayyiduna Sirri Saqti Radi Allahu ‘Anhu narrates the story about a female.


When this female used to make Du’a, she did so in the following words, “O Allah Almighty! Satan is also Your creation and he is also within Your Divine Power. He is able to see me and I am unable to see him. You are able to see him and he is unable to see You. You have the Power over all of his deeds and he has no power over Your Divine Decree. O Allah! If he tries to mislead me, please stop him. If he is deceitful to me, then let him be repaid for his deceit. I seek protection in You from his mischief and I also chase him away through Your Divine Help.”


She used to recite this Du’a and continuously wept when she uttered these words. After a few days, one eye began to lose its vision. The people were also concerned that perchance, the other eye also loses its vision. However, she replied, “If this eye is among those in Jannah, then Allah Almighty will certainly grace me with something better and if it is something which is part of Hell, then it is better that Allah Almighty distances it from me.” (Roudur Riyaheen, 369)




In the Hadith Shareef, it is mentioned that the Du’a of a true believer is a weapon. All Praise is due to Allah Almighty in that He has blessed all Muslims with this weapon. However, there is one reality in this regard and that is that at most times, our Muslim sisters do not use this weapon in its proper manner. This is the reason that many of them rob themselves of immense Barakah.


One of the ways of using this weapon is to seek for those things which will help a person in the Hereafter. It should also be used in a manner which attains the closeness of Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet May Allah send peace and blessings upon him. This should be such things as steadfastness in doing good, refraining from sin and transgression, seeking protection against the evil of the Satan and being able to acquire Halaal sustenance.


One of the ways of not using this weapon properly is to only seek for wordily objects and to use this weapon to seek for objects which are not permitted in Islam.


In this incident, this female has certainly taught everyone the proper manner of using this weapon. There is no doubt that one should always seek protection against the Satan because he is certainly an enemy to our Imaan. One of his evil actions is to distance us from Ibadah and busy ourselves with committing sin. His main task and mission is to misguide and mislead the Ummah of the Holy Prophet May Allah send peace and blessings upon him so that they do not enter Jannah.


We see in this incident that this female did not concern herself with losing her vision because she had complete trust in Allah Almighty. This proves that the pious Muslims of the past were always concerned with achieving the Divine Pleasure of Allah Almighty.


They had this certainty that loss in the Hereafter was greater than loss in this world. This is the reason that she made the statement that if this eye was something which would enter Hell, then it would be better that it leaves her. In other words, if this eye was something which would be able to achieve sin and transgression and thereby achieve a place in Hell, it would be better that the Allah Almighty takes it away at this moment.