Download PDF: Bearing Patience in times of Illness

It is reported that once the wife of Sheikh Fathe Mosuli Radi Allahu ‘Anhu tripped and fell, with the result that her toe nail also broke. However, she continued to smile. When she was asked whether she did not feel any pain when her toe nail broke, she replied, “Due to the reward for this in the Hereafter, in happiness, I did not in the least feel any pain.” (Kimaa Sa’adatat, 738)




There is no doubt that when a person comes to realise a greater reward, then they are easily able to manage small and minor difficulties. If we look at the labourers who work in the fields in the hot burning sun just to earn a few pennies, they are able to put up with extreme testing circumstances. The same with those people who carry passengers in their vehicle in a commercial manner. They are prepared to put up with all types of abuses and stress during the day because they are waiting to see what the income would be at the end of the day.


This is the reason that the wife of this great Saint became happy. She understood that this pain and difficulty would only last for a few minutes but the reward that one would get in the Hereafter would be much more and a person would continue to receive reward for this difficulty.


She also understood the words of the Holy Prophet May Allah send peace and blessings upon him in this regard. He said:


  1. Any sickness, sadness or pain of a Muslim, even he or she is pricked by thorn, whatever reaches them through this, Allah Almighty nullifies a sin of theirs. (Bukhari; Muslim Shareef)


  1. No pain or sickness reaches a Muslim but that through this, Allah Almighty sheds away the sins of that person like a tree which sheds its leaves. (Muslim Shareef)


  1. Major reward is received through major calamity and difficulty. When Allah Almighty loves a certain nation, then He immerses them in difficulty. Whoever becomes pleased with this, for them is the Divine Pleasure of Allah Almighty. Whoever becomes displeased with this, for them is the Displeasure of Allah Almighty. (ibn Majah)


  1. He who is patient with difficulty, on the Day of Judgement, Allah Almighty will be pleased him with seven hundred degrees (in status). Each degree is as expansive as (the area) between the Arsh and the lowest earth. (Makaa Shifatul Qulub)


  1. Those who live in comfort (and pomp) who sees the immense stature given to those who were patient in times of difficulty, they would wish that (while he was on earth) if only their own flesh was cut with a scissor and by being patient at this time they would have also received the same status (as other are receiving today). (Tirmidhi Shareef)