Download PDF: Asking for Continuous Wealth

There was once a very poor person from the Bani Israel who was fed up with his poverty and destitution. One day, he went out in the open and continued to make the Ibadah of Allah Almighty.  He also continued to make Du’a that that he must be given something.


One day, he heard an Unseen Voice telling him, “O worshipper! Stretch out your hand and receive what We are giving you.”


He then stretched out his hands and he found that there were two pieces of brilliant pearls or jewels on his palms. He returned home and said to his wife, “We have been saved from our poverty.”


One night this person saw in a dream that he was in Jannah and he could see there was a mansion. It was told to him that this was his mansion and in front of the mansion he found two thrones. One was made from red sapphire and the other from silver. The roof of both were made from pearls.


It was also told to him that one of those thrones was for him to sit on and the other belonged to his wife. There was a little empty space in between them. He asked as to why this space was empty. He was told that prior to this, this place was not empty. But since he had asked for the world and the riches of the world, the place where these pearls were kept was now empty.


He then began to weep and awoke from his sleep. He also informed his wife what he had seen.


She also began to weep and informed him that he should continue to pray to Allah Almighty that these pearls are once more placed from where it came from.


The next day, he went to the same open space.  He placed the two pearls on his palm and began to make Du’a to Allah Almighty. He continued to do this this for many days. One day, suddenly the two pearls disappeared from his hands. He was informed that both of those pearls had once again been placed in its rightful place. He then gave great thanks to Allah Almighty and also gave thanks that he was blessed with this gift.


This is the actual result of asking for continuous wealth. As a matter of fact, a person should ask for so much through which he can live a comfortable life without having to stretch out his hands in front of anyone. In this manner, he enjoys respect in this world and also the next world. Aameen.