Download PDF: [S] His Three Du’as were Accepted

It is mentioned that once Hadrat Sayyiduna Ala bin Hadrami – may Allah be pleased with him – travelled with some of his companions for Jihad towards a place called Dareen. Hadrat Sayyiduna Ala bin Hadrami – may Allah be pleased with him – was considered as “Mustajaabud Du’a” or someone whose Du’a was immediately accepted.


It is reported that on the journey, this Saint made three Du’as and all three of them were accepted. It is mentioned that at one part of the journey, the water of the group had become depleted. They stopped and Hadrat Sayyiduna Ala bin Hadrami – may Allah be pleased with him – asked for some water to make Wudu. After making Wudu, he performed two rak’ah of Salaah and then lifted his hand to make Du’a. He made Du’a in the following manner, “O Allah! We are Your servants and are travelling on Your Path. We are going to fight against the enemies of Islam. O Allah, please bless us with rain so that we can make the Wudu and also quench our thirst.”


As the group moved a little forward, the entire sky was suddenly filled with rain clouds and it began to rain. Everyone in the group filled their containers and then departed from this place. One of the people in this group, Hadrat Sayyiduna Sahm – may Allah be pleased with him, mentions that he then noticed that he had left one of his containers at this place and went to retrieve his container. He mentions that when he returned to this place, he was shocked to see that the area was again so dry and barren that it seemed as if rain had never fallen on this area. He then returned to the group with his container.


He mentions that when they arrived in Dareen, they noticed that the ocean separated them and the enemy. The waves were also large and violent. They became desperate and presented their problem to the great Saint. Hadrat Sayyiduna Ala bin Hadrami – may Allah be pleased with him – then made Du’a in the following words, “Ya Aliy, Ya Aleem, Ya Haleem, Ya Azeem, O Allah, we are Your servants and travelling on Your path and we will also fight against the disbelievers. O Allah, please create a way for us to move forward.”


The Du’a of the great Saint was again accepted and a path was created in the ocean for them to cross over. They mention that they passed through the ocean in such a manner that not one part of their clothing became wet. When they were returning from Jihad, a severe pain developed in the stomach of the great Saint and he passed away through this pain. They wanted to give him Ghusal but realised that they had no water to do so. They then placed his blessed body on one side to go and look for water.


As they moved forward, they did manage to find some water and decided to return so that they could make proper Ghusal for the Saint. When they returned to the spot where they had left the blessed body they noticed that it was not present. They searched everywhere, but still, they could not find the body. However, one of the people in the group then revealed a secret Du’a which the great Saint used to make. He used to make Du’a, “Ya Aliyu, Ya Aleemu, Ya Haleemu, Ya Azeemu, O Allah, please conceal me at the time of death from everyone so that they are unable to see my body without clothes.” When the group heard this, they realised that this was the third Du’a of the great Saint which had been accepted by Allah Almighty.