Download PDF: [S] He Refused to be a Tax Collector

It is mentioned that once the famous Muhaddith, Muhaddith Ebrahim, was presented with the position of collecting revenue for the country. In other words, he was nominated as the tax collector. However, the great scholar mentioned that he was not qualified to take on this position. When the Khalifah Hishaam heard this reply, he was extremely furious. In this state of anger, he shouted out, “You will have to accept this position or else, you will be severely punished.”


However, the eminent scholar continued to listen calmly to the words of Khalifah Hishaam without displaying any fear or apprehension. When the Khalifah had completed his words, the eminent scholar presented the words of the Holy Qur’an in which Allah Almighty declares that this trust was placed on the heavens and earth and the mountains and all of them out of fear refused to accept this trust.


He then asked Khalifah Hishaam that if Allah Almighty had not become angry with these objects when they refused to accept this trust, why the khalifah should become angry with him for not accepting this trust. And how is it possible that he would be punished for this.

When Hishaam heard these words, obviously he was speechless. He then presented this position to someone else. (Taarikh Al Khulafah, 173)