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It is reported that one day, the son of the King of Kuhistan, namely Duluf, presented themselves at the door of the eminent scholar, Qabeesah bin Uqbah, with his entire army and entourage. However, this scholar took very long to come to the front door. The servants of this prince then shouted out, “The son of Malikul Jibaal is at your front door but you do not come to your front door?”


When Qabeesah bin Uqbah heard this, he came with a few pieces of dry bread that were strapped to his waist and replied after pointing at these pieces of dry bread, “When a person is content in this world with merely these few pieces of dry bread, what work or need does he have with someone like Malikul Jibaal. I swear by Allah that I will not speak to him.” After saying this, he shut the door on their faces. (Tadkiratul Huffaaz, 240)


Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – has stated that, “He who is content, has achieved respect, and he who becomes greedy, he is disgraced.”


There is no doubt that contentment with whatever the Allah Almighty has given a person is indeed a very great gift.


Another example of this is when the ruler of the day approached the famous scholar Imam Khalil Basri and informed him that the leader Ameer Sulayman bin Ali had commanded him to appear in his palace to personally teach his sons.


When he heard this demand, the eminent scholar appeared with a piece of dry bread in his hand and showing these people this piece of dry bread, he declared, “As long as I have this is in my possession, I have no need for the company of the Sultan.” (Ulama-e-Salf. 72).