Download PDF: [S] Hadrat Suraij bin Yunus

Hadrat Sayyiduna Suraij bin Yunus Al Baghdadi’s – may Allah be pleased with him – title was “Abul Haarith” and he originated from Merv. Since he settled in Baghdad, hence the reason of the term “Al Baghdadi” at the end of his name.


Among his teachers were Imam Sufyan bin Ayniyah, Imam Haythim, Imam Waleed bin Muslim, – may Allah be pleased with them – etc.


Among his students were Imam Abu Zar’a, Imam Abu Hatim, Imam Muslim bin Hujjaj – may Allah be pleased with them –  etc.


Imam Ahmed bin Hambal – may Allah be pleased with him – spoke about him as a most pious person and a Saaahib-e-Khayr. He was also well respected among the Muhadditheen. He was also a Saint from whom many miracles emanated. He was blessed with seeing Allah Almighty in a dream and he was asked, “O Suraij! Whatever you wish, you may ask.”


However, his answer was that he was only asking Allah Almighty for His Divine Mercy.

Haamid bin Shu’aib mentions that one day while the great Imam was sitting on his roof he heard the cry of a frog. In fact the frog was about to be attacked by a snake. He then screamed at the snake to leave the frog alone and the snake immediately obeyed his command and spared the frog.


He passed away in the month of Rabi ul Awaal 225 A.H. (At Tahzeeb)