Download PDF: [S] THey Chose others above Themselves

There is no doubt that the manner of choosing others above oneself in times of dire need is indeed a habit which has been created by the religion of Islam. It is also one of the greatest traits which can certainly help improve and strengthen the social fabric of society.


One of these amazing examples has been recorded by Khateeb Baghdadi in his world famous treatise entitled “Taarik-e-Baghdad”. It refers to the life of the famous Imam, Imam Waqidi – may Allah be pleased with him.


Imam Waqidi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


Once, I experienced such a financial state where I had reached the state of complete poverty and destitution. I was informed by the family that the day of Eid was arriving and that there was nothing in the house. Even though I displayed patience at this time, I wondered how we would pass the day of Eid.


I approached a friend of mine and without saying anything, he understood my state. He handed me a purse with a special seal on it which had one thousand and two hundred Dirhams inside. As I entered the house, another friend of mine, who was a Hashemi, visited me. He was also suffering from immense poverty and had come to me to ask for a loan. I mentioned this to my wife and we decided to give half of the money to this Hashemi friend of mine.


However, she reminded me that I had gone to an ordinary friend and he had given me one thousand and two hundred Dirhams and yet, I only wanted to give half to this special friend. It would be better that we gave him all of this money as a mark of respect. I then handed him the entire purse without opening the seal.


When he reached his house, the other friend of mine who was a businessman happened to arrive at the house of this Hashemi friend to ask for a loan himself. Without thinking about his own state, this Hashemi friend then handed the entire purse to this other friend of mine.


However, when he saw this purse, he realised that this was the same purse which he had handed over to me. He then refused to accept this purse and came to see me and asked me what happened to the purse which he had initially given me. I then narrated the entire story to him. In fact, this business friend himself had no other money besides the purse which he had handed over to me. Because he was in this state, he had actually gone to my Hashemi friend to ask for a small loan. However, when my Hashemi friend had handed over his own purse to him, the secret had been revealed.


It is reported that when this amazing incident was revealed to the Governor, Yahya bin Khalid, he came with ten thousand Dirhams. He then mentioned to Imam Waqidi that he should give two thousand Dirhams to each of his friends and hand over four thousand Dirhams to his wife because she was the one who was most entitled for praise and admiration. (Taarik-e-Baghdad)


These are those blessed Muslims whom the Qur’an has described as people who choose others above themselves even though they themselves are in dire need.