Download PDF: [S] The Saint who cared not for the World

Hadrat Sayyiduna Muhammad bin Daud Deenawari – may Allah be pleased with him –  mentions that heard the following from Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Misri – may Allah be pleased with him –  who narrates that, “Once, when I was travelling towards Ramallah. I met someone on the road who did not have any shoes or anything covering his head. He only had two pieces of shawl. One covered the lower part of his body and the other covered his shoulders. At the same time, it was extremely hot and I was very surprised when I saw the state of this person.


“I also noticed that he had nothing with him in regards to food and did not even have a bowl through which he could be able to carry some water. I thought to myself that if this person had a nice bucket or some rope he would be able to acquire water from somewhere. It would also be able to help and assist him when he is making Wudu.


I then approached him during midday and said to him, ‘O young man! The shawl which you are covering your shoulders with, if you can place this over your head, it would be more beneficial to you in this heat.’


“When he heard my words, he remained silent and continued to walk forward.


“A few minutes later, I again said to him, ‘In this heat, you are also walking barefoot. Do you not think that perhaps for a few minutes you can wear shoes and a few minutes later, I can wear these shoes. (In other words, we can share the same shoes).


“He then said to me that I speak of useless things. He asked me, “Have you ever recorded Ahadith? Are you not aware that the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that, ‘Among the good things of Islam in a person is that those things which are of no importance, he refrains from speaking about them.’ (Jamia Tirmidhi Shareef)


“When I heard these words, I remained silent. We then walked a little further and my water was soon depleted. We had also reached the shore of the ocean and I had become extremely thirsty. He then approached me and asked whether I was feeling thirsty. I shook my head and said that no, I was not thirsty.


“We then continued further and the immense thirst was over taking me. He again approached me and again asked me whether I was feeling thirsty. I replied that yes, I was thirsty but since this was an ocean, where will we be able to acquire water from. He did not say anything. He merely picked up my bucket and placed it in the ocean. After it had been filled, he handed it over to me and asked me to drink.


“When I drank the water, it was sweeter than the waters of the river Nile. When I saw this, I realised that this person was indeed a Saint and that I should join his blessed company. When we reached a certain place, I informed him that I would like to remain in his blessed company. He then asked me whether he should walk in front or whether I choose to walk in front. I informed him that I will walk in front. He then informed me that he will agree to this on condition that I allow him to rest a while as we walked along.


“At a certain stage, he departed from me and I was left alone. I then reached a place where a few friends of mine also stayed and among them there was a very sick person. I placed a few droplets of the water which still remained in my water bottle and through the Barakah of this, the person regained his strength. We also never saw the person again.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)