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It is mentioned that Halwaan bin Samarah lived near the city of Bukharah. He was a great Zaahid and very pious. One day, he was giving Azaan and it was also raining. Suddenly, someone gave him a letter from the Governor which was addressed to him. When he saw the name of the Governor on the letter, he threw it away. He said, “When am I part of those who work for the Governor.” It is mentioned that when the Governor came to know of his actions, the GOVERNOR himself remarked, “I make Shukr to Allah that there are such people in my country who do not even read my letters.” (Al Insaab)


It is mentioned that Haythim bin Basheer was originally from Bukhara but he settled in Baghdad Shareef. His father was a well-known cook. However, Haythim bin Basheer wanted to acquire knowledge from a very young age. He did not take any interest in his family’s business even though his family did not like the idea that he study. In spite of this, he found the nearest classes and began to acquire knowledge.


In Baghdad Shareef at that time, the Hadith classes of the famous Qadi, namely Qadi Abu Shaybah, was very well-known. He continued to attend these classes on a regular basis and there is no doubt that when a student is punctual and timeous, the teacher himself begins to like the student.


Once Haythim became ill and could not attend classes. Qadi Abu Shaybah asked the other students about his missing student and they informed him that he was unwell. He then mentioned to his students that they should go and visit Haythim. In this manner, in the company of the official Qadi, a large group of people went to visit this student.


When all of them went back, the father of Haythim came to him on the sick bed and said, “My dear son! Once I used to stop you from going to the Hadith classes, from today I will never stop you. It is the Barakah of this knowledge that today even the Qadi of the town has visited my house and this was something I had never dreamt about.” (Taarik Baghdad)